Sunday, October 26, 2008

What can I say?

There is nothing that I can bring together with the amount of time I have time for right now. I tried and tried to stay awake earlier, but just could not wrap my thoughts around any one thing that felt right, especially with the time I needed. I finally gave in to the sleep, with the scalawags taking precedence after all. As Popeye said, or maybe still says, "I'm strong to the finish....." (is that the way it goes now?) Now that I've written to say this, I've thought aplenty, but without the time now that I need to do a good job. I'll look through and see if I have any good pictures to also share, but if not, I'll just let this go for now, and begin working on the next one of which I already have ideas. Hopefully, I'll not get caught napping again.

Here, I think I found the one I want to show. It is of me with two of my aunts at the reunion on my grandmother's side of the family. I have to get some identifications of some others before I can do a good post of the whole reunion. These two, though, I grew up with, and have sooooo many fond memories. Another one who is missing is Aunt Alice. She was not well that day, and I was so looking forward to see her, too. We had emailed and talked a bit, and my anticipation was really high.

On the left is my Aunt Carolyn, and on the right is my Aunt Margaret.
I was so glad to get to see them that day.
So there. See, I "did" have something to say today, plus
"I missed you at the reunion, Aunt Alice!"
Aunt Margaret's husband, Uncle Carroll, had a heart attack last week,
and is in the hospital right now.
I've not been able to check on him the last couple of days.

QUOTE by AJ's Dad: "Isn't it a shame that the richest nation, with the highest standard of living, the greatest world power, the country that went to the moon, has to rely on kids selling lemonade while their parents get their heads shaved bald to try to stop the #1 killer of our children? While it sounds like a bad comedy, I put forth that it is a tragedy."

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