Monday, October 6, 2008

Trip to the ENT doctor

How long has it been? Well, it was back when I got my ears (hearing aides), and that was in February, that I saw the ENT doctor for all the mess in my mouth (ulcers), and I've not been able to get back down there sense then. It's been a full year!! The appointment turned out to be uneventful because my mouth is not doing what we need it to be doing to get a biopsy, all in all it was a wasted trip except for one thing.

The waiting room. You know there are all types, sizes, ages, and anything else you can think of in the waiting room, but I've never seen this.

There was a telephone sitting on one of the tables. Jim got my attention to look at this little girl of about three years old. She had the receiver up to her ear, just talking away. Then she was punching the buttons. She would talk a while, and then she handed to another child sitting nearby, and told him it was for him, and told him what to say.

I still cannot believe they would have a working phone sitting in the waiting room, especially with as MANY children as came through there for appointments this afternoon. I even wondered if there was a good pediatric ENT doctor there or something similar. Several older people (about our ages, 66 - 70) got up and left without seeing a doctor. Some were still waiting AFTER I had already seen the doctor I was seeing, and was on my way out, but they had a long list of doctors working in that building. So. You just never know the situation.

Documenting my myasthenia and/or whatever I am dealing with, I woke very early this morning (Monday) with my right leg in crying, severe pain. Finally pain medication was able to relieve it. It was a hot pounding pain from my knee to my ankle. I sure do hate puting these negative type comments in here. It is more fun to put - well, the fun stuff here!

Here is a picture of Kaitlyn when about, oh, three to four months old. Pretty baby isn't she. Me a proud great grandmother? Never!!

Then I practiced making a video again. I'm going to learn it one of these days.

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Robert Miles said...

I wonder if you've thought of running programs in the background on your computer to help medical research.

This project is the largest I've found that looks likely to eventually help diabetes:

This one seems to be medium sized:

This one has recently left beta test and doesn't always have anything ready to do:

I have my computer set to contribute to all three, plus four more medical research projects elsewhere. BOINC allows you to do this.

None of these projects are specifically trying to help diabetes yet, but they are the BOINC projects I've found so far that look most likely to do it eventually.

I've also found a BOINC project trying to find genes related to diabetes, but that one's still in beta test and therefore not ready for me to trust it on my only usable computer.

I'm not familiar enough with the details of MG to guess whether these three projects are likely to eventually help with MG.