Tuesday, October 21, 2008


MONDAY: We are off to a good start. Well... I guess it was good. It was 11:45 a.m. before the whole show was on the road. Terry and Linda got my port accessed, getting a blood return their very first try this time :: thank you very much port :: but the pharmacy did not have my IVIG medicine up until 11:45. Since we were so late in getting it started, I asked at 1:00 for Linda, on the right, to up it as high as we could safely go, and she bumped it up to 170. And away we flew, Shirleen, on the left, along with us!

I started the day off with a horrible neck pain that had begun at home, bringing me to tears several times during the night, continuing on into morning. I took perc but it did nothing so I finally took a lolly somewhere around 2:00 or so. It was very evident a few hours later that the lolly and perc did the trick of relieving that pain, even though it did come back later on, but not quite as badly as before treating. :: sigh ::

Since it was already so late, and we both had eaten, I just crawled, very slowly and carefully, upon the bed on top of the covers. Jim watched football, and I sorted through my stuff that I had just thrown into a Chili's bag from home.

'Bout 10:00 p.m. we called it a day. I woke off and on throughout the night in pain, but just did not have the energy to get up for anything.

Just as this was all ready for publishing, we lost our hot spot here at the hospital.

Here it is Friday, and my hot spot is working as it should, and hopefully I'll get another update today so I will not be too far behind. Who knows?????

The date says the 21st, but it is actually the 24th when I am finally getting a chance to upload this.

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