Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Going on with the Wages' Family Reunion

Dottie & BettyOh, my, but if only the cameras could talk! Don't you know this is one reunion that hearts would tell an anxious, but happy tale? Peg and Dottie didn't get to see each other when Dottie and Mike came last year, when Jim and Betty got to see her for the first time in fifty years. Now it was Peg and Dottie's turn. Here are a few of the few photos
taken then.......

Dottie was just a little girl the last time Peg saw her. Here they were as they talked Saturday. It is impossible to imagine what went through each of their minds and hearts as they propelled through space (talk about cyber space! ha ha!)the past fifty years. I know if Jim remembers so much about Dottie and her mother so vividly, then Peg does also. I'd love to hear Dottie describe how she tumbled through the time machine from then to now. Here is a picture of the reunion that warms my heart, especially knowing how it affected Dottie.

Now, off to see what else the cameras have brought.
Baby brother has joined with older sis and the niece.
I will edit it with captions later.

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