Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's go to the party!

It's time to get ready for the birthday party for
Ashton Sears Moore!

First, though, I needed a trip to the beauty salon. The hairdresser that normally does my hair was on vacation until Tuesday. Oh, panic!! Dirty hair. And Ashley was needing to get her hair cut, too. She says chasing after a toddler, she just doesn't have time to chase after her hair, too. Growing up, isn't she. So, she and I ended up with appointments at Salon 109 with Teresa. Oh, my, did she ever look pretty!!! With every snip of the scissors she looked a year older (she also acted that way, too).

Now, let's go! Hospital bracelet and all. LOL
Jim cut it off of me as we ate.
Hair okay?

Debbie made Mark move so I could sit there at the table with them.
Mark piled all his banana pudding bowls in front of me!
Mammaw Clara Lou and Uncle Kenney
with Ashley
Aunt Leann holding Ashton and
Granddaddy Roy (forget what he is called)
Mammaw Clara Lou and TylerJamie, Marshall, and boysGigi (looking a lot like Debbie)Mark (looking a lot like Mark)Christen (looking a lot like a teenager
wanting to go to a teenager birthday party)Grandmother Sheila always busy and never able to get her face.
Thanks, Sheila
Daddy Billy waiting to help Ashton check out the presents
The Birthday Boy and his mommy! Is that not a precious smile?

Ashton has his cake
"Say this is a cake tasting contest, and *I* am the only judge?"
Lessee, now.....""Hmmm..... not bad for just a little taste."
"A bit more from the index finger....""Keeping it going.....""First, let's check out the thumb just in case.""Check out as many fingers as you can."
"You know, the fingers are okay,
but the hand could do a better job of giving a good all-around taste."

"Uh, oh. You don't mean to tell me *I* did all of THAT?"

"I did THAT? No way! I was just eating cake is all."

Look, see. Here's my plate
"This is how I did it. You *did* click on the pictures to see the BIIIIG pictures didn't you?"
You can see them better that way."Squish, squish"Hmm, that was reeel-ly goood!""You mean that's all. There is no more?""But I don't wanna get all cleaned up!""But, I want more cake. That was good.""Presents? What's that? You think I'll like them?
At least some of them
"Ahhhh, this feels good. Just right for sleeping.""Oh, this one is BIG! Wonder what it could be?""Okay, let's go for a walk somebody.
This looks comfortable."My first drum! Oh, boy!
Press & Learn toy Daddy and Ashton. Don't they look good together.The boy's getting tired of all of this.
How much more of this present thing?
And why all the pictures?Yeah. Exactly!!Oh, boy, look at the job mommy has ahead of her.
This will make the job easier.
"Mommy, I'm tired."
Looking at ALL the presents sure makes a boy tired,
and where better to lay your head than on your great-granddaddy's shoulder.
Thanks to all, and a very good-night.