Friday, September 26, 2008

Back home with new antibodies from the IVIG

Hello, everyone. I am back home again, and just checking in since my internet offerings were on the down side of slim all week after Monday. Phooey! Since I kept my computer at Ready, Set, Go, with a Mah Jong puzzle going all the time so I could pounce at the first glimpse of a connection, I didn't accomplish much beyond reaching some personal high, comfortable high scores while tethered to the pole.

The worse than worse scalawags (a certain kind of side effect IVIG headache for non-regular readers) began Wednesday night, peaking Thursday night to fathomless, excruciating high levels (that means they hurt really, really bad), carrying through yesterday, and continuing even to this moment. I'm praying for short duration of these, especially since I am doing so much better in some other areas, and to be free of these scalawags would improve my quality of life tremendously, not to mention an improvement in my appearance! We will just have to see how Saturday goes (which it is right now, and I *am* treating a scalawag). That is our big one year birthday party day I will tell about later. I'm so anxious to see the big, walking birthday boy! This is it for now, though.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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Jocelyn said...

Welcome Home. Sorry you had to bring the scalawags with you. Hope you feel better soon. I have decided that we have something in common - Mah Jong. I turn to that game when I should e doing other things. I have played on game for months and finally this week in came in from a doctor's appointment, not happy with the news I got. I sat down and I had a score of 142. I was just clicking off pairs and not paying much attention to what was happening and there it was. I considered that my best thing for the whole day. Have a good time with the First Birthday.