Saturday, March 28, 2009


When you're growing up you think those friends you have will be forever. The kids write 'bff' today; next week it is someone else. But when I was growing up we didn't switch around like that. Lynda, Margery, Carol, etc. Then we all got married. Moved. We had no phone. We wrote. Less and less. What was happening? We'd been together since birth almost. I couldn't say I had any friends of their types replacing them. No. You cannot live without friends. We lived in Montgomery. What did I do all day? Not much. Heh! A saleslady at a shopping center where I went to get some embroidery work to do didn't know that Arkansas was in the South. I thought it preposterous at the time because we were so proud of it. After all, I'd only been from Arkansas across Mississippi, over to Alabama. Oh, I'd visited in Illinois at Uncle Raymond and Aunt Chris,-- and across the river into Tennessee. Heh! The hills of western Arkansas, then down to the alligator farms in 1955, it all seemed like it counted for another state, it seemed so different from the delta where we lived.

I got married on Saturday evening, March 31, 1962. Okay, it's math time. 2009 - 1962 = 47 Yep, Tuesday will be 47 years for us. That puts us back up there living in Montgomery, my friends dwindling by the wayside, nothing to do so I embroidered some pillow cases, the saleslady didn't know Arkansas was in the South, and the most part we went to church. I taught in a children's Sunday School class. In the evenings we were part of the - well, I know two people who are going to get me here because I cannot remember the name. They seemed so old to me, well, kinda, just a little bit. Business and Professional? Anyway, We most always went some place after church. I think that is where I ate my first pizza. One night after church. Dunno. Maybe. One of the couples that especially befriended us was Jim and Jocelyn Perkerson; she and Jim were already good friends. Things were so different back then. . . waaaaaaay back then! If we did something on Friday night, we didn't spend a bunch of money. We just did. . . we just were.

I think the night Jocelyn and my friendship took on a whole new meaning, seems like it was a special social, not just happenstance. There were more girls there, but only three played into the scene. I had been back where Jim was, and had come up to the kitchen where Jocelyn was washing dishes, and we started talking about my shower. Can't remember which, but it was one of two things, setting the date for it, or gathering info for thank you notes. In the process, Jocelyn just wondered where her Jim was, and I casually said the men were in the back, Paula was teaching them how to do the twist. For real. Uh Oh. I have no idea what happened then, but Jocelyn disappeared for a while. We've been good friends ever since. Now, Jim was smart enough to stay away from back there (today, thoughwould he?). He didn't want to learn to twist, nah, not Jim. Seriously, I think that's about the time our closeness with them gelled, and I now had a friend. She gave me a wedding shower. I got a whole set of Revere Wear. THAT was special back then. Look at all they've got today. When it was time to buy our first car, I mean really buying one. A brand new one. I remember driving it off the lot, leaving the old Chevy behind, and going straight over to Jim and Jocelyn's to show them, the very first ones to see our brand new Volkswagen bug, in white! Proud. Were we proud? Couldn't have been prouder, until Jimbo came along ;) replacing all else, but that !

Jim got orders for Turkey, and we left in December '63. I don't recall any big letter writing campaigns between us. We moved all over the place, and I'm sure our addresses followed us around for Christmas greetings. I finally gave up on those about ten, fifteen years ago. Come in Anniversary 2006. I got Jim a computer for our anniversary. One of the first things he did was to start looking for friends from our past, and one of the first was Jim and Jocelyn, our first post-married friends! Say, like we married on Saturday, we were at church Sunday night, and that's when I met them. Surprise! Even more surprising, they were going to be coming near to us on the way home from her brother's funeral in 2007. We were all so excited. We met at Applebee's, and we ate, and we talked, and talked, and talked....time had passed by you say? Not according to us. Remember those Friday nights I told you about? They were there overriding time.

During that time, Jocelyn asked me how I dealt with everything. I told her to "read my blog." There she would find me bouncing all over the place, and dealing with it. So, over time, now, we've been meeting at my blog - mostly. Oh, we, do have an occasional call or two but we just talk too much! We've gone through thick and thin with each other right here. I guess just about every emotion I've gone through, she has gone through with me right here, and my regular readers know what that has been like. I appreciate Jocelyn being forthright with her comments.

One day I told her about, or she read about on here, little Coleman Larson, who was battling brain cancer. She started reading Peggy's updates herself, other than just excerpts I would occasionally have here. She was drawn in closer and closer. Coleman took a place in her heart, too, and her admiration of Peggy and all she was going through. Then I asked her to join PAC2. She did. You know, I always feel funny about asking a friend to join anything. I thought, if she'd just do it. Then I started seeing her name pop up here, there, and yon. Yes!!

I don't know how to explain our relationship. Just a couple of old ladies? No. We are more, much more than that. You can read most of our interchanges here in my blog. Support? My main support. But when we talk. . . Oh, my, goodness. We've just got to get together again. How many times have I said that!! I just never dreamed it would be as though time had never past.

How would I introduce Jocelyn? With pride, I would say, "Here, let me introduce you to my friend Jocelyn, my bff Jocelyn." There won't be any switching around. Remember back when I had to say good-bye to my school friends? Only death will separate me from my bff now. We have proven the test of time. Sounds sad, and it will be, but it is reality. I love Jocelyn. This is the love and friendship that was behind the Random Act of Kindness. It was her way of doing something for me. . . well, here, let me repeat her words. . .
Billie, this is to thank you for making me aware of the awesome Team Larson. I feel like they are family. I wait for Peggy's postings.
Keeping up with this family has had a big impact on my life. Having you as a friend has also had a big impact on my life.
I hope you enjoy the T-shirt as much as much as I have enjoyed getting it for you. I only do these kind of things for SPECIAL PEOPLE and you are SPECIAL.
Love you.
So, this Random Act of Kindness entailed several people, including little Coleman. And yes, on the other blog entry, "Just one more story," where I talk about lying back, a tear falling, and such, that really happened. I just tried to write it as just any boy to get my story started. He wasn't, though. He was God's chosen. That is what someone told me through a poem she wrote about Robert after his death. God was just finished with him here, He had other works for him to do. Okay, God.

I guess that brings this story to an end. Aren't there more and more things I could write about, going off on lanes - not side tracks - having to do with Robert? There is another Random Act to tell Peggy about, but not now. Jocelyn, see what you started? No. It was Team Larson who started this. And we add the PAC2 stickers. And . . . what is who going to do next? I'll even see what I can do from my bed right here. I did one, and she read and listened to all about childhood cancer,

Say good-night, Ragdoll. We have work to do. We may need to bring one of your friends over in a day or two. Hmmm.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just one more story.

So, here we are, just one more story. What's the big, deal? I'm going backwards in case something happens, this one just cannot be missed, even if it is next Christmas by the time it gets told. First one little tear, then another, another. . . not crying, just one little tear after another . . . drop, drop, drop. They felt hot, dropping on my cheek. I was just lying back thinking of him. I was wearing his shirt. What's a 66 year old woman doing wearing the shirt of a boy? A team shirt. Well, I was wearing a shirt of him, one with a picture of him on it. He just made such an impact on me, on my life. How could one like that affect me so. And, then, why would someone, anyone even go to the bother of sending me one. He was just a boy. Yes, he bore a place within my heart for me to know forever. I will love the guy, the little guy, forever. He was needed though. God was through with him here on earth. I surely don't know the answer. His mom Peggy doesn't know the answer.

I'm told it was a Random Act of Kindness.

This was a Random Act of Kindness
in memory of Coleman Larson.

support Childhood Cancer Research
An Act of Kindness no Matter How Small, can be the GREATEST GIFT of ALL.
Do something nice for
someone today.

Billie, this is to thank you for making me aware of the awesome Team Larson. I feel like they are family. I wait for Peggy's postings.

Keeping up with this family has had a big impact on my life. Having you as a friend has also had a big impact on my life.
I hope you enjoy the T-shirt as much as much as I have enjoyed getting it for you. I only do these kind of things for SPECIAL PEOPLE and you are SPECIAL.
Love you.

I will post this Random Act of Kindness, then I will go on to write the story of Jocelyn and Billie, two very good friends, who want more than anything to get together, if we can just get Billie to traveling again!

The best laid plans of mice and men... go astray. I am neither *mouse* nor *man* but one venture after another hath another been made wrong. the wet venture from the other night was poured in the pot, and the awesome one I am trying write about from yesterday I am trying to write about just now, but have to leave to have my eyes checked - there is an oozing sore in the lower right lid --- any way - I'll be back to tell my story today!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My purpose

The purpose of my blog is to keep up daily with my Myasthenia Gravis, the medications with the IVIGs I am taking every four weeks, and the ups and downs, the good days and the bad days. I don't like to talk about the bad days. I think I could prevent the bad days. Like when I had to say I couldn't finish the IVIG, I've always pushed to the finish no matter how badly I felt; it is THAT important to me. That was a first for me. I don't know exactly how I felt, but that it was pretty awful. At one point Jim had to drive my chair. We had to go by the nurses station for them to take my arm band off, and they couldn't believe how I looked. I had not been in that day; I had a line in and they had to remove it before we could leave to go home. I really wish Jim was here to tell about it all but he would say he forgot. ;) that's okay, for there are some things you just might just rather forget about, right. I really do need him to remember enough to tell Dr. Cauli. I don't remember driving home (1 hour), just Jim preparing everything for getting me straight in to bed. I remember the good fresh smell of my bed and my box of Puffs on it. . . light blue. Jim is so tender and sweet when he is taking care of me like that. There is so much to do, but he always is putting me first. Like when we go home. He told me to wait. Let him empty the expidition. Then when there is nothing more to do, then for me to come in. That's one thing about it. . . he knows how to drive the chair, and that time had finally come! Together up those ramps we flew! I thought the building might be coming down.

You know, I don't remember much myself of the week after we got home and I was going to ask Jim about it. Then I got even sicker. I do not know how many years it has been since I have vomited, but yesterday was the first day I've been able to put down a normal meal since before the weekend, and that may not be correct I've had a very bad UTI which that and something else caused me extreme pain. It's just been awful. I know. I sound like I'm griping and complaining, but what have I said months ago. I don't like to talk about yet here I am because I also said I'd talk about the rocks in the road, too. Well, this last week, someone threw some rocks in the road right at me, making a direct hit. I can tell I've had an episode pluse been otherwise sick, too. My arm muscles are kaput. I can just barely press the keys on the keyboard.

So far we do not have the port-a-cath working. That means LOTS of sticks each IVIG-5 days. The veins just go caphooey. How have we managed? With a peripheral venous line. I wear it home with me each night. We have our first line put in on Monday, and pray it holds. Sometimes, it doesn't even hold while she is stick it just blows right away. Two, and sometimes three are not unusual. It is treated exactly like the port, we shut it off at night, open it the next morning. I hope you can see it. I try to take pictures of things that might be useful. Wakeup! It's time to access the line. Hopefully. From the first morning on, it has never opened. It eveidenly clogs sitting there through the night. No answer. New stick. Every morning routine. I'm going to talk this over with Julia next month, April (can you believe?). Here I am. Can't do anything about my port, my veins don't work. Is that what they call being between a rock and a hard place. Ha, got rocks all around me don't I?

I know what I'll do. I think I'm going to stop for now. Just keeping on will just make things worse for me. I'm praying for things to pick up for me. It seems like that is the direction all is going. Here is where I live. I found some friends for Ragdoll, so be watching for them one of these days. Remember what I said that ragdolls like friends, too. Pssst, look down there at Ragdoll. Think she'd like to have some eggs, too? Think I should ask for some for her? Jim's a great cook. She's been here with me all night long, and I bet she's as hungry as I am.

I'm sorry, but I am unable to check for errors, and I hope the font I chose is there througout, but I cannot see well enough to read my post. Please enjoy, that's more important.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My apologies

I was working away, everything was set on go, my trip (here) all planned in my head, some of it already down, and the next thing I knew I was waking up, half off my bed, my head almost touching the floor, and nothing, of course done to my blog article.

Therefore, I am offering my apology to all of you, and I am getting to work right away - actually, I've already been working - when I felt I should send you a quick note. Here it is, and I've got to get back to work now.

See you later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's happened?

Eric Evans of my past...looong past has posted pictures from our high school days, and I'm flipping out! I've changed the topic of my post, ummm, how many times now? You've got me. I don't know. Every time I get ready to write, something else pops up. My mind's a whirling. I don't know that it was the first thing, but close to the beginning was a post I read about college acceptance/rejection weekend that got me thinking in that vein because we never got to go through that with one of ours.

Robert had been accepted for Who's Who in American High Schools, the one that had to be nominated by the teachers, checked out, and then accepted/rejected. For students acceptance/rejection, for me to go into nurse's training at Baptist Memorial Foundation Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, I had to go to Memphis, spend the night, and take tests both Friday and Saturday. I think it was Friday afternoon through to Saturday afternoon. Oooh the tests were hard. They were math and science that I remember primarily. On Friday night they wined and dined us wiener roast style, bon-fire, transported on the buses that would later transport those accepted to enter the nursing program to Memphis State University for college-type classes there for the first four semesters. What an experience! Get from the hospital - 11:00 a.m. to the university and back - 3:00 p.m. A bite to eat... on the bus on time - NO eating on the bus - arrival to our respective classes on time. Complete our class schedule, and get back on the bus on time, and get back to the hospital for our mid-afternoon classes there on time. On time. On time. Click. Click. Click Click. Be on time. On time. The Army? No. Preparation for click, click, medical care down to a split second it might take to save your life some day. So this was my first thought of what I would do with the rest of my life.

A nurse, a very good nurse who makes her patients happy.