Monday, October 19, 2009

"Friends, friends, friends, I have some friends I love,

I love my friends, and they love me....">

Well, I hope they still love me after so long since they have visited and I have posted that visit here. That goes for my blogger followers, also. Several unsavory things have come my way, and might I claim ththose things as *excuses* for reasons for being so long in posting? They are partially reasons, but......

The biggest surprise in all of my life was when this petite little head peered around my curtain, and needed no introduction whatsoever; she was beautiful! It was almost an unsavory time for visitors (no! don't you go away, you :). Jim was antsy in his chair facing the door, speaking to everyone who passed the door, which he does anyway, but in a "hurry, get on by, you're in the way, don't you know?" attitude. Know what? WHAT was going on? They he jumps up from his chair all excited, greeting whomever it was in the doorway that it WAS okay for them to be obstructing the passageway. MARGERY! Margery Fennell, Margery Fennell Morris! No, it cannot be. She lives in Alabama.

We talked, we giggled, it was just like long ago. Time passed all too quickly, and they had to go finally. We all asked questions. Larry asked questions of my wall which thrilled me so. Thank you Larry for wanting to know who everyone was, going way back into the 40s. Any more you've thought of that you did not get answered? After I get some scanned, I'll have some older ones, and you can come back and look at those and see if you know who those are. Chaces are I might not know who those are if they are too old, though. He couldn't get over we have five (5) great grand children - me neither, Larry..... the cost went up considerably, and each one didn't seem to understand why.No way can she be here in Jonesboro at the nursing center. Wonder of all wonders.

Margery, you will never know the love/friendship I have had for you all these years, and have longed to see you once again beyond our youth, and I do consider our time on our way to Turkey still in our youth. My, I was still VERY young, and I'm sure you were, too. lol I got to Turkey, and found out I knew absolutely nothing at all!! Nothing! I got off that plane, and wanted to get right back on it headed to the states, even to Maryland, even on a prop plane, even in the rain! Thank you for coming to see me. Thank you very, very very much. That was quite a surprise you and Jim cooked up. That had to be the best one yet for him I do believe.

Margery Morris
visiting me at Skilcare Nursing Center
October 16, 2009

Margery and Larry Morris
Skilcare Nursing Center
October 16, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beat it!

I can beat it, yest I can beat it. Though I have lost so much, I still believe, walking ONE step at a time.....let's not get ahead of ourselves now or we'll trip over our own two feet, and mine are large.....I can beat it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friends, more friends ringing in my heart

It has happened again! Friends have shown up at our door. Or maybe I should say, suddenly shown again within our hearts! Again friends from Turkey. I have to say they are more punctual than I am in writing about the blessing he brought to my life.

We were in Turkey twice - in the 1960s we were in Izmir (biblical city of Smyrna), and that is when we were friends of the Sassers who were here a couple of months ago. Then in the early 1970s we were in Ankara. While there we were members of the Galatian Baptist Mission, a Southern Baptist church pastored by a Southern Baptist missionary Jim Leeper. Jim was originally from Dayton, Kentucky, which is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio; his wife Jean was from Michigan. Now living in Louisville, Kentucky, since their retirement, this week they were on their way to San Antonio, Texas, to visit with their son and his family. Their trek from Louisville to San Antonio was going to take them across central Arkansas, bringing them close to us. We spent a couple of hours reminiscing, and catching up on long ago friends.

Here is a picture Jim took of them (he was in better picture-taking position) at their recent 50th wedding anniversary.

They also gave us a picture of their beautiful family, Tracy, Kelly, Kerri, and Jamie. The children were all young when we were in Turkey at the same time, and do not have memories

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keep on walking

I walked around my room this morning. My legs tell me when I have reach my limit. I am going to start winding down a few steps sooner because the last few steps cause me to nearly faulter, and feel like I am about to stumble. Nonetheless, I have made it each time. I was especially proud because I have an upper respiratory infection and am not feeling well, running a fever, and the nice things that accompany that, but I want to gain my walking freedom, so I persevered, and made about four turns in my room. Yippie I yay! Yippie I yoy!

My legs tell me when I have reached my limit. They, as in the past at St. Bernard's, think it is muscle strengthening and building. Jim, as do I, disagree, and I will have to pull my thoughts together on it later by going over the research notes on myasthenia. For now, if I can manage enough to get around in my room, I will take that and be happy. No questions, nor judgments at this time. The only thing I want are my Christmas graphics!!! Something like these .......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking a turn

It is time to take a turn. Enough of one problem after another bogging me down.

It is my favorite time of the year..... Christmas is drawing near.