Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keep on walking

I walked around my room this morning. My legs tell me when I have reach my limit. I am going to start winding down a few steps sooner because the last few steps cause me to nearly faulter, and feel like I am about to stumble. Nonetheless, I have made it each time. I was especially proud because I have an upper respiratory infection and am not feeling well, running a fever, and the nice things that accompany that, but I want to gain my walking freedom, so I persevered, and made about four turns in my room. Yippie I yay! Yippie I yoy!

My legs tell me when I have reached my limit. They, as in the past at St. Bernard's, think it is muscle strengthening and building. Jim, as do I, disagree, and I will have to pull my thoughts together on it later by going over the research notes on myasthenia. For now, if I can manage enough to get around in my room, I will take that and be happy. No questions, nor judgments at this time. The only thing I want are my Christmas graphics!!! Something like these .......

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