Monday, October 12, 2009

Friends, more friends ringing in my heart

It has happened again! Friends have shown up at our door. Or maybe I should say, suddenly shown again within our hearts! Again friends from Turkey. I have to say they are more punctual than I am in writing about the blessing he brought to my life.

We were in Turkey twice - in the 1960s we were in Izmir (biblical city of Smyrna), and that is when we were friends of the Sassers who were here a couple of months ago. Then in the early 1970s we were in Ankara. While there we were members of the Galatian Baptist Mission, a Southern Baptist church pastored by a Southern Baptist missionary Jim Leeper. Jim was originally from Dayton, Kentucky, which is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio; his wife Jean was from Michigan. Now living in Louisville, Kentucky, since their retirement, this week they were on their way to San Antonio, Texas, to visit with their son and his family. Their trek from Louisville to San Antonio was going to take them across central Arkansas, bringing them close to us. We spent a couple of hours reminiscing, and catching up on long ago friends.

Here is a picture Jim took of them (he was in better picture-taking position) at their recent 50th wedding anniversary.

They also gave us a picture of their beautiful family, Tracy, Kelly, Kerri, and Jamie. The children were all young when we were in Turkey at the same time, and do not have memories

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