Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do you want all the titles?

For at least two days I have been trying to get my blog written. Nothing. Silence. Two, three paragraphs, then nothing but nothing would come. Silence. LOUD silence. You know that kind of silence that is loudest of all don't you? The LOUDEST to the quietest as I have come up on the WWW, "Wednesday Without Words" and that is the easiest of all blogs in the world to compose except for choosing. Well, I presume it is since it is only my surmise, and even still that would require one to have pictures, or access to pictures. Getting deep here, isn't it?

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!! It's here!! Remember that time back in August when I was overcome by something, and no one knew as it quietly, unobtrusively crept upon me until it had overtaken, until it had overcome me? Ummm, let's hope it is not back again because I was gone a couple of days before I found out what it was. Awwwww, a smile has slinkingly sneaked upon my face as we have prattled on this way, and that way. Heh, heh. I was not cheating regardless of what Jim says (he didn't really). I was checking on the spelling of a word, and found the use of another word, and I liked using the two of them. It's fun playing with words a bit, plus I'll remember them better now.

Thank you sooooo much Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a friend from waaaay back to our *first married* years. Before we ever went to Izmir, Turkey in 1963. The brand of Turkey I am not sure of. There were also not so many different brands back then either. It not all depended on the time of year, it also depended on the ship coming in. Did your parends ever say "when the ship comes in" we can have such and such? Well that was literally true with us. That is how far back it was for us. Anyway, after Jim, *my Jim*, retired, I gave him a computer for our anniversary, and he got online and he started looking for old friends, the these are two he found. One day Jocelyn answered the phone and we've been back to old friend status ever since except they are in Texas, we in Arkansas. Circumstances allowed us to meet once when they were traveling along I-40 just East of Memphis, and it was just like old times - wonderful!

She and Jim read my blog every morning, and anyone else who does likewise know that since we've started going to Jonesboro, and had our apples turned loose in the basket (hey, I used to ride in the bed of my uncle's truck when I was a girl growing up, and had fruit and vegetables to be careful of back there so that we didn't mar any - they cost money). Shhh... that unobtusive unknown seems to be getting closer to me. I *think* I know its identity if 'tis as before. Just keep as quiet as possible, and maybe I can keep it at bay until the end of this blog. Quietness IS a must.

Now then. Jocelyn (in my Comment section) and Jim read this blog every morning, and their mornings have been thrown out of kilter this week because they've received nothing new from me, not even one single letter, she said tonight if she could just get *one* letter from me. Well, Jocelyn, thanks to your calling, albeit to tell us about Jim, you have broken my spell of not being to get on with my writing.

Jim (hers) had a heart attack Monday, with a heart catheterization yesterday (Tuesday) using so much dye so as to possibly cause damage, and they put four stints in today (Wednesday).

Now all who read, please go to my comment section and get to know Jocelyn, and give a prayer or thought for Jim's recovery, and a prayer of strength for Jocelyn. You know we must be geting on up there in years for us to have started out in the early 60s! heh heh

By the way, this last part, if it seems jumbled, I fell asleep, and had written one part, then another, so maybe, just maybe it is jumbled. If so, I'll edit it and straighten it out.

The number of titles of drafts in my dashboard that I've started?


I really have been trying.

Now . . . . Check out my sidebar for my children with childhood cancer. The two boys had, and have brain tumors, and Kennedy has leukemia in remission, and some other things that I cannot think of right this early moment in the morning, except that she also has Down's syndrome. Find out here , especially today, as it marks her one year aniversary of her last dose of chemo!!. It's a beautiful site. Check out Renee's sidebar for more beautiful children. Oh, my goodness!! Where does Renee find time to do it all?!? Four children!!! I've been taken in. Maybe that is why I've not been able to write. Jocelyn also got taken in by Coleman. We read about him daily. He is in second remission. Sad, but Peggy's writings are beautiful, uplifting from the cornfields of Iowa. See how quickly I'm off onto these darling children. They are HEROS. Especially pray for Coleman. He is back on chemo, and has been accepted by the hospital in NYC, but his insurance turned him down. Awful isn't it. Ought to be a campaign plug in there. These people having to travel back and forth simply because of their insurance. There is little chemo left for them to use on him. He had a stem cell transplant earlier this year. Julian was in the TV Stand up @ Cancer shown on all the major networks, now seen hundreds to thousands of others on People Against Childhood Cancer, and he, too, had brain cancer. His picture is at the 2:00 minute mark, and comments by Mimi, his mother's words of when he died are spoken there by Forest Whitaker. He was a beautiful little 4 year old boy, and our Christmas miracle boy when we woke Christmas morning, and he was still alive. He had a will to live for some reason. Check out these links, and I will challenge you you.

So Jocelyn, I owe this post all to you - TOTALLY!! Thank you for loving me, and thank you for caring that much about my blog, that it means that much to you. Remember all we've said about it. We must talk more privately.

Thank you for being around 45 years after we moved from Montgomery. This has been one night's endeavor, just for you.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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