Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday and Monday, where are you? Did you get lost?

Sunday says, "Here I am."

Monday says, "I'm here, too."

Ragdoll expressed surprise, "Well, it's about time you guys decided to show up for your blog date. Did you completely forget? People are waiting for you, and you have been no where to be seen or heard. Maybe it's best you're not heard, now that I think about it, but really, we have so much to show and tell about last week, you all need to show yourselves, and I better see you busy around here all day today.

By the way, where have you two been?"

Monday is the first to admit with drooping head, "Sleeping."

Then Sunday says, "So was I. I just could not stay awake. I barely remember that day at all except for the delicious dinner Jim cooked, and then Debbie came down to enjoy some of it. She woke me when she came in because she was afraid I was going to fall off the bed because I was leaning so far over towards the edge. Now THAT is sleepy don't you think? Maybe I'll remember some later as the day progresses, and I'm more awake, but I'm afraid there isn't much more to it than that right now. Sorry I was not here."

"Same with me," Monday quietly muttered, "plus, I was plagued by those darned ole scalawags, the kind of headaches that make me grab my head, and cry really hard, bringing me to a sudden wakefulness like I would have in the hospital, and for about a week after coming home. "

Ragdoll told them she had to take a lolly during the day, a time she really does not like to do because it uses up my 'one-for-the-day' and leaves me none for the middle of the night if I need one when they ten to be their worst.

Sunday said he also had to take something for the muscle tremors, and that, too, added to his sleepiness. Those who have been with Ragdoll throughout the duration of her IVIGs might remember how it used to take her several days of constant sleep after coming home from St. Francis Hospital to get over the IVIG. I'm up 'n running much sooner nowadays. Much improvement in many aspects! One thing to consider is the reduced stress now involved with the out-patient over the in-patient, something for us to look at later.

Monday said, "You have my word I will do my very best today, Ragdoll. I know you need us."

Ragdoll told them, "Okay. I understand because I've really been tired, too, once I settled down in my bed, and I'm excited about feeling good enough to get things straightened in my bed area, trying to make it feel home-like.

Here we go, then, we have breakfast yet to get, and then I will work on all those pictures we took. I'll see if I can find a pic or two to share here just for now, then more later on.

Sunday exclaims, "Ragdoll! Those aren't the kind of pictures you put up to share with the public!"

Then Monday sees these of Ashton, and just cannot believe he is seeing these of Ashton, and tells Ragdoll, "These aren't either. What's with you showing these of Ashton. Sure, we thought they were cute and funny within the family, but to put them up here on your blog? Surely not? What's with you today?

Sunday broke in when viewing these, "Well, at these two are both good of Ashley, but just look at Ashton in the second one. He is looking downward. And the pictures are lopsided, with them over to the side. You should have cropped them and gotten rid of that dark stuff on the left. Yeah, some photography of you trying to do it from your chair! I don't know, Ragdoll. Maybe you should give it up. Ya think?

Hands up to stop them, Ragdoll stopped Sunday and Monday's criticisms of the pictures she had chosen. Pained. "You guys were not even here, you didn't do a single, solitary thing to help, so just where do you think have any right to judge my choice of pictures, seeing you were not even here to help me make the choices, and write the blog that I was too tired to even write!"

That's it as far as Ragdoll is concerned with Sunday and Monday, and her thoughts roam, "As far as I can see, I might just have to go on without them, and let Tuesday try to pick up the slack, and try to get it all done herself with Tuesday's help. It may have to get broken into two parts so it won't be so long, and take so long to get it posted. Whoever does it, it will be coming down the pike, but I have a feeling it is going to be Tuesday and Ragdoll. We'll see you later!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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Jocelyn said...

Hi Ragdoll I just love the way you wrote this blog. Poor Sunday and Monday just had bad days it seems. Hope the headache is getting better so you can have a good three weeks before you go back. I'll be waiting to see what Tuesday has to say about all of this. Just read the Larson Team post for today. Hope Coleman can handle the new stronger chemo. Love you --Jocelyn--