Monday, September 22, 2008

Accessed and running

WE DID IT!! My port is accessed. All seems tenuous though. Every time I lower my head at all, the vein is blocked just enough to cause the IV to signal no delivery. I raise my head, and it clears. All is well. I'm wondering if that is why we do not get a blood return. It is time now, I think, I ask Dr. Cauli about it. With each hourly check they check the site for any swelling that would signal it not flowing right, and now at 4:00 p.m. still no problem, and it has been running since 9:00 this morning.

Monday, 4:15 p.m All is done for today! The port worked wonderfully!! Tomorrow is a new day.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Lou

Cindy Breninger said...

Hi girlie! Just thinking about you and hope you are doing well. :)

Jocelyn said...

Hope things went as good for you on Tuesday as they did on Monday. Sounds like you have gotten these treatments under control. Glad you have Internet Access there this time. I am still going to comment on the post you did just for me. I was surprised and pleased. I continue to pray for you and ask that you do the same for me. Jim's depression is pretty bad right now. Love you -Jocelyn-

Ragdoll Billie said...

Thank you Lou. Things went well until mid week, and then the side effects hit, getting worse each day. It is a slow process, and if I did not see some progress, it would be hard to stick with it.

Ragdoll Billie said...

Hello Cindy! Thanks heaps for the thoughts!! Hump day threw me a curve, and it is still turning today, Saturday. Hopefully, it is going to start slowing down some each day now since I'm not adding to the fire!

Hope things are looking up for you!

Hugs to you and the kiddos!!