Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stealthily it crept. No one knowing it was there, much less that it was creeping around me. The day really was a good one, and I had so much to write about, lots to explain from recent doctors' appointments and exams, but suddenly I woke. It was Friday night, I found they were all gone. Gone? Who? Who was gone? And gone where might you ask? Well, I'm not rightly sure. I spent some time reading at BlogHer. That was interesting. Interesting enough to entice them (who is them?) here? I know that I checked out Manic and Dawn, but do not recall any others, not Kennedy, not last night, anyway, nor any others listed amongst my favorites. I used to get hung up at stages such as this, but I am leaning to just let it go, and not waste time trying to figure it out. I'm better, but not cured! hahaha That is something I can make a choice about whenever it arises, and choose to not allow it to let me down. Supposedly, it should get easier and easier. We'll see, won't we? It is already working to some degree, but then, this is not the time to test this threom. Aha. Score one!

So, what has been going on? What have we done? What? Who? When? Where? Well, when I get back from getting my hair done. . . . now that's washed, cut, colored, dried, and styled, I will be so delighted and sat down here and get right to it!+

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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