Friday, August 22, 2008

Using tags and digital graphics

I have not been using tags simply because I have a really hard time deciding on what to use. It seems like I tend to use too few or too many, so I just quit altogether. Now, however, going back over some of my own posts, and having a hard time finding what I'm looking for, I think it is time for me to start trying, which I did in the post just prior to this one. I guess if one is too err, it would be better to err on the side of using too many, so I guess this is a warning, from now on, I'm going to start using tags, good, bad, or whatever! It is all part of the learning curve while I am learning even more about blogging, as I go slipping right out of this bed! Kerplunk!!

Here is some digital graphic work I did on a picture of Callie in *my* chair that she thinks is hers, but Anna Kay has been taking it over recently. Be sure to click on these to see the larger sizes for a better look-see of these thumbnails.

This is the original, untouched except for resizing.

This is after using some digital graphic design, which included some Illumination Effects to simulate the sunshine that was not there at the time.

Too harsh, I used some more graphic design works to obtain the appearance I desired, then created a frame using several various sized borders, textures, and 3-D effects, hoping I was giving Callie that closed-in feeling of being in a box that she dearly loves! (Does your cat love boxes and sacks, too?) I don't know about you, but the frame just makes it a little bit cozier for her with the sun (producing warmth) and frame (giving her a good, secure feeling), but then again,maybe you just have to know Callie to get this feeling.

Well, let's just say to Callie,
"TOODLES and we're
Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis!"


Cara said...

Hi, is there a problem with your feeds? Its meant to automatically update on my favourite blogs list but I see that the one on my home page is showing that you last updated your blog two months ago, whereas this is certainly not the case.


Ragdoll Billie said...

Cara, I had noticed that but did not know what to do to correct it. I even went to ping it manually. Any ideas? If necessary, I will temporarily suspend it from my blog until the problem is corrected because it does not look good to my visitors.

How are you doing adopted granddaughter? How are your new tenants? I am scared to say it, afraid to rock the boat, but I am feeling better except for the emotional merry-go-round.

We go over to Jonesboro tomorrow to begin the treatments on Monday, and I am really looking forward to it since it *appears* the last one might have done some good. With all the hormone changes, who can tell.

Adopted Grandmother Ragdoll Billie

Jocelyn said...

Hi,have your med side effect gotten any better. Sounds like you were crying a river. Are you old enough to remember that song. Will you be able to use your computer while you are in Jonesboro? I know that must help you get through the treatments.

My week has ended better than it began. I really had a bad couple of days. Finally decided if I would get up and start cleaning this house that I could probably work my way out of it. It did help and the house looks better so I guess it was not all a complete waste.

Today is Jim's 74th birthday. The kids came over for dinner. I went to our favorit barbecue place and got one pound of 4 different kinds of meat, corn, green beans and to top it off I got a quart of peach cobbler.

Hope things go good in Jonesboro and that you feel better after the treatment. Remember there is someone out here who cares about you, who prays for you and who loves you. Jocelyn