Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playing hormone turnover, how many and for how long?

Note: Not finished until Thursday the 21st.

Do you remember the phrase, "Fruit basket turnover?" At least that is the way I think it goes, the way it has been said colloquially, and that is definitely how it is going in my life right now. Oh, myyyyy! If I remember correctly, starting with the prednisone was the first thing that got my hormones mad. Yeah, that is the way if felt. They were mad, and were taking it out on me, and I had nothing to control them. Wheeee! They were just free to be, free to be as they please!

Then they put me on estrace for the caruncle. Oh. my. gosh. I haven't had any estrogen in years, and now I am *applying* it every day for a couple of weeks. Cry. Almost non-stop, I have been crying. We live on the banks of the Mississippi with a good levee between our town and the river. They have it wrong. We need flood control on THIS side of the river for flood control from my tears. Can we afford enough Puffs? The way I'm going through them they may need to put on some extra help at the factory where they make them.

There have been a couple or so other things but for the life of me, maybe more literally than you want to know about, I cannot remember what they were, oh, yes, ran out of my anti-anxiety medication, but here's the stress running side by side along with the hormone fiasco: today, an appointment with the endocrinologist's nurse practitioner for a follow-up visit, tomorrow, lithotripsy of left kidney, Sunday, go to Jonesboro for IVIG treatment all next week.

What actually has happened, and *may* be happening: today, had to cancel Latiff's nurse practitioner's appointment due to the severe headaches from last night and into this morning. Tomorrow, Friday, lithotripsy is a *maybe* depending how I am doing. Sunday is a sure deal. I am needing the IVIG in the worst sort of way!!

The lithotripsy people called and wanted to know if I could be there at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow! You have GOT to be kidding! We would have to leave here at 3:00 o'clock to get there at that time. That is the middle of the night! Sure, I'm awake most nights at that time, but to l e a v e here at that time, gosh, oh, I just can't think about what it would be like.

About getting the lithotripsy done tomorrow. We have talked about it, and feel that going through it probably very late tomorrow to accomodate Gubin's schedule (Jim's surgery was changed twice for that reason), home on Saturday, then going to Jonesboro Sunday to start the IVIG first thing Monday morning, that is just too much for me, especially the way I have been feeling this week. The lith people already know I may not be there, and it's okay with them, if I am there or not, so I am pretty sure I am not going to get it done tomorrow for MY own good, and not theirs. After all, how long have I already been living with these stones inside of me anyway? They were there at my last appointment, and it was not a big enough issue to have it done any time soon, so why put me through a rush now? I'm not aware of any of my pain or anything else they are causing, so no need to rush now. At this point I am almost positive there will be no lith tomorrow, rather Friday and Saturday will be "get ready for Jonesboro" time, meaning to be as rested as can be when I start that drip Monday morning. There. I think that is settled.

Maxalt. I have started using Maxalt to treat these headaches which reached mamoth sizes these past 24 hours or so, maybe a little more, but really bad during the night last night. I'm pretty sure it helped this morning, and I am trying it again now, along with a percocet. Let's hope it works and I don't need a lolly.

Well, these are just a few ways I've been messing with my body, teasing it, tosing it around, and my body evidently doesn't like it, and it has been crying about it all. It sure doesn't take much for the tears to flow, that's for sure. I have to remember to check on getting some more Puffs tomorrow (Friday) because I doubt I have done anything to staunch the flow of tears. We'll see. I'm trying.

Off now to publish this, and get on with other things just begging me to do. I really have been accomplishing a lot more things lately, making me feel better. I'll clue you in on some of them a little later on when they are done.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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