Saturday, August 23, 2008

Coleman in the Big Apple!

Coleman and Team Larson, Scott, Peggy, and Caden, are in New York City now, living at the Ronald McDonald House. Walking about outside, they are seeing all the sights streaching as far as their feet will sustain them. They are soaking in as much fun as they can on their days' off from doctors' appointments, MRIs, and any other testing that might be drifting in and out his way however the case may be as it was last Thursday. They had a totally free day before facing his spinal MRI coming up on Friday. Wednesday he had had his brain MRI.

Quoting Peggy, "I got a call from our very nice doctor today that Cman’s brain MRI he had yesterday came back “stable”. ‘Mr. Spot’ is still there, but unchanged. His words were, “is it treated disease that is unchanged? Is it scar tissue? We really don’t know at this point, but either way, it’s good news that it hasn’t changed since December. Now we will wait to see what the spinal MRI shows us Friday (tomorrow).” We’re decided it was reason for celebration, and Praise, SO- here’s a little of Team Larson’s day in NYC-"

They used their free day of Thursday to get out of RMD to explore the area around them, and found many things of interest to the boys, and food which pleased all four of them, including a hot dog stand on a corner. Immediately, the first thing I thought about was Lenny on Law & Order, and all the hot dogs they appear to have eaten during that show, one of my favorites, and one of my favorite actors whom I really do miss.

I had been making a small video for his place on my sidebar, but just as I was about to complete it, my cursor accidentally hit the close button, and, yuck! my work was all gone! It said it was saving every ten minutes, but I could not get to where it was saved. So, until I can get back to it, either tonight or in the morning (Sunday), I'm putting in a few pictures of him in the Big Apple.

I cannot think of much more to say right now without Peggy's update open before me, so I will close, and add a picture or two here to make-do until I get back here which might in a few hours, or tomorrow. All depends. Sunday is our day to go to Jonesboro to the infusion clinic for my IVIG, so I'll just have to see how things roll along.


"Now for the flight- it was the first time flying for both boys and they were “ner-bus”. Caden was actually the one scared and wanted his window pulled down after we got in the air. Coleman really enjoyed looking out- then took a nap for most of the flight. They each had a window seat right over the wing."

"We had a friend (thank you Reed!) drive us to Kansas City Sunday night and we stayed the night to fly out Monday. Caden took full advantage of the pool at the motel- he loved the hottub. Coleman fell asleep fairly early Sun night, but stuck his feet in a little on Monday morning before our flight."

"Then we walked to a park not far away from the RMD house, called St. Catherine Park. Now that the boys know it’s there, I’m sure it’s going to be a place we frequent as often as possible. It was a beautiful day here."

"They had two baby elephant statues that sprayed a mist of water, but those of you who know Caden Dale, know how wet he can get with just a mist! I wish I would have gotten some pics of what he looked like by the time we left- he was wringing wet! Coleman got his hands a little wet and immediately thought we needed to go back to the house so he could change his clothes! I told him he could dry them on my shirt because he sure wasn’t about to dry them on his own. Boy, are they different as night and day!"

"They also had a sand area that the boys both LOVED!"

"The boys actually got their first mail today. Our carepage angels continue to amaze us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is our address in New York. I will try to post it in the ABOUT PATIENT you can click on too, so you don’t have to dig back."

Coleman and Caden Larson
c/o Ronald McDonald House
Rm# 1102
405 East 73rd St.
New York, NY 10021

Now for a cute story that I *must* totally quote Peggy on: "After naptime, we headed down to the terrace for another catered meal…yes, we’ve been doing a LOT of eating! Good thing we’re doing all that walking to even it all out! Coleman was determined he was going to get a piece of pizza from his favorite place, (Famiglios) I told you he’s a creature of habit…Daddy promised him, so “a promise is a promise” Coleman says. After the rest of us ate, we made the trek to Famiglios, and headed in to get Cman his piece of pie. (it doesn’t sound like this franchise is only in New York, but they have them across the country, nonetheless Coleman has decided this is going to be his ‘constant’ here I guess) The guys behind the counter are getting to know us now. They said they didn’t remember Scott, but remembered Coleman- and after doing some spinning tricks for the boys, gave Coleman’s his slice tonight ‘on the house’! No charge. How nice was THAT? I’m sure they will be getting plenty business from us in the future…you know, until Coleman suddenly moves on to something new! For now, it’s FAMIGLIOS CHEESE PIZZA!"

"Caden didn’t want any pizza, (he ate well at the catered dinner) but decided he wasn’t going to be left out and requested an ice cream treat on the way back. So today was all about food and the park…"

"Please know that we don’t need anything- really. We’ll have limited space to pack things to bring home anyway…but we always appreciate your stories and always enjoy hearing how Cman's story has brought kindness to OTHERS and made a difference in their lives!!!"

Their colors are green and yellow, hence the green text for this. Please, the way the boys love getting cards, and being in a strange - is any place strange to them, except there are NO corn fields as they look out their window - would you take the time to send the boys a card or two? And, more importantly than that, please continue to pray for Coleman as the doctors try to uncover the mystery of "Mr. Spot" in his little brain that is stubbornly remaining behind following his stem cell implant earlier in the year. Pray for strength for Scott and Peggy as they follow this trail to unearth exactly where Mr. Spot comes from, and what they can to do send him on his way.

Coleman and Caden are household words here, especially as we wait to hear test results, and about the family in general. Of course, we have never met this child, nor his family, yet they have implanted themselves within my heart, and other children with cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Month, so for this month, place a little special emphasis on our babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and on up to our teenagers (AJ) stricken down with these killer diseases of childhood cancer.

More on everything later, hopefully while I am in Jonesboro receiving my treatment. And, while I am there, I will edit this and try to add tags.

Till later.......

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