Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special prayers for Coleman today

Coleman's counts are down, low enough to require platelets and a blood transfusion. This means a lot of sitting, and drip, drip, drip while the separate two drip into his little body, and especially for a mother who tries to keep two boys satisfied for ???? hours.
hemoglobin 7.7 and platelets back down to 26,000...he's going to need a transfusion for both. They didn't even give me the ANC yet, but I'm sure more shots too. Our local dr. wanted to call NY and Iowa City and talk to them, then he will be calling me back with what we're supposed to do. I'm praying we can get these transfusions ASAP so they can get working.

THEN after our shots, we’re hoping Coleman’s blood and platelets will FINALLY be here so we can get them going. They thought they’d arrive around noon. I sure hope so. Then it will be sit, sit, drip, drip… I’m assuming we’ll be there for a long time because just the platelets took about 5 hrs total last time, and we have another transfusion after that…which means, NO TRICK OR TREAT NIGHT FOR THE BOYS- bummer.
Have I ever mentioned that they’ve never ever been trick or treating? I know!!! Oh well, with his counts so low it’s just as well. I’ll just be glad when we get his transfusions in him. He’s looking pretty pale to me and just isn't himself- Scott mentioned it too. For now, we sit and wait. I'll update when I know more and get the chance

Why the green for Team Larson's quotes? That is their colors. That and gold.

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