Friday, October 17, 2008

It's 56° and "I'll take you home again Kathleen". . .

. . . is playing on iTunes. My "Celtic Dreams" CD has put me to sleep twice already. I woke just now to movement I thought, and pulled my laptop forward. Sure enough, it looked something like this... well, it did look like this because I took this picture then:

That is my bedside table with my little TV and our printer/scanner on it. My aim is to get my legs and arms working good enough for me to make it to the printer/scanner to scan all my pictures that are upstairs and get them organized. As it right now, though, I do not have the body stamina, or usefulness to get to the end of my bed very well (I may try it later). That is the muscle weakness that I have. In August when we were there, I bought a simple printer for printer for $50, and I think I am just now getting where I might be able to use it. I am going to try to use it either after I get through here, or in the morning.

What I am going to do, is to print some childhood caner stuff and take to the hospital with me Sunday for the nurses. I do not come in contact with anyone else while I am still there. As I was typing that, I remembered, too, that the computer room in the Annex has a small printer in it, and I could load up my flash drive (2 g) and plug it into the computer there and print what I want. My mind is beginning to work a bit for PAC2 and myself. That is how it is with me. I will type it here, publish it, and then come back and copy it to my spiral notebook because I will forget that it is here. Bummer! They tell me it is my medicines, but I am not sure. This has been developing for two or three years. Donna and Arthur (I can call him whatever I like, Franklin) did an MRI at least two or more years ago, and there was some lesions in the white matter. Then I started having headaches. We took the films to Saeed, but he said he didn't need to look at them, and never did, so......? What was the purpose in having them done? Nothing was ever said to us about them. It was a change from the ones before, and a change in my behavior. I would have appreciated an explanation at least.

Doctors are funny. Not ha ha funny, but strange funny in that they go to these means (usually expensive ones), and order these tests or what-nots, and that is the end of it. You never hear anything else about it. Same as with my gastro doc. He told us all I needed and all he was going to do. He got my stomach diagnosed, which was the main thing I needed done, and then that was it. We did our part in getting the swallowing studies done, and the speech therapist, too, for both doctors. He got the report, but we still did not hear anything from him. If not for Latiff, my endo, I never would have known the outcome, and how it all fit together. Gastroparesis. Diabetic gastroparesis. He directed my treatment for that. My stomach is bothering me now, so who do I see, and talk to about that? So many doctors, and not so sure of whom to see. And now, I've lost my train of thought, my direction. See what I mean. Oh, you didn't even know we were trying to go anywhere? Me neither. We just happened here didn't we? I just have a terrible time keeping up, and I'm not so sure it is all my fault. Gosh, if I write everything down, I'd never have time to actually live!! Just keeping up with all this makes me look looney, and I don't think I am. Something is messing with my brain that is slowing it down. "Spanish Lady" is playing now..... :) Thing is, I think there is something that could help me, but no one takes the time to go there, and address the issue. I honestly think that Arthur and Latiff do a pretty good job on their own. They definitely are not slackers! Me, neither. Let's go see what else is on iTunes.

I think this is a good stopping point, and run ~ chug, chug, chug ~ back over this, format it to my liking as much as it is gonna be with this software ~ oooh, "Loch Lomond" is playing now, love it! ~ back over this to make my notes of what all I need to do. im got me this CD from Wal Mart one day and I sure do like it.

Striving for a world without Myasthenias Gravis

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