Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayers for Coleman to begin the week

Coleman Larson. There is no way I can improve on what his mother, Peggy, has requested, and I begin my blog for this week by sending her request gleaned from his CarePage updates on to my readers. A lot of *words* could be said right now, but the most important ones are the ones that are going out to God. The following in italics is from Peggy.

"I’m posting this prayer again…just because Coleman needs those prayers more than ever…we’re not giving up! I will continue to pray it over and over and over. And we THANK anyone who joins us- or does their own prayer!

O God, our Father, Your Word says that You are a very present help in the time of need. I come to You on behalf of Coleman who has fought cancer for so long, Father. I continue to ask You, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to touch and heal Coleman completely.

Distance is no problem for You, God. Whether Coleman is in Iowa or New York, as I pray, You are there with him, even as close as the very breath he breathes. So I am asking You to touch Coleman’s body and heal him from this cancer once and for all.

Now, you foul disease called cancer, I speak to you. Go from Coleman’s body once and for all in the Name of Jesus! I command you, cancerous cells, to wither and die at the roots, never to return to Coleman’s body again, in the Name of Jesus! Devil, I bind your power in Coleman’s life, and I permit healing to come to him right now, in the Name of Jesus!

Father, I ask You to replace with new cells those that have been damaged by cancer or any other disease. God, You can do that, because as Caden and Coleman know, what is impossible with man is possible with You! Help us to have the faith of a child Lord! You are a God who cares, and we believe You will Heal Coleman just because we have asked. You love us that much.

Father, may strength and wholeness come into Coleman’s body this very day. Thank You, Lord, for doing it! I thank You, Jesus and ask that Coleman and Caden grow up together as brothers should. We ask for Your presence in their lives as they grow into testimonies of Your love and power.
in Our Savior Jesus' Name, we pray...Amen."

Coleman has been at this for WAY too long. He needs to be healed once and for all! He's paid his dues. He's been through enough...the chemo, the spinal taps, the MRI's the stem cell rescue, the radiation, the Accutane, the blood draws, etc. etc. etc.

He's been brave more times than he should have to. We thank GOD for seeing him through it all, and continuing to stay with him. Please help us to continue to be patient for his healing."

Peggy, Caden, and Coleman

Coleman and Bunny Foo FooColeman Larson©Peggy Larson 2008


Jocelyn said...

Ragdoll Billie
I am praying with you and the hundreds of people who are a part of Team Larson. We need a miracle and God is the one who can provide that. --Jocelyn--

Ragdoll Billie said...

Jocelyn, you are so right. This little boy has reached the hearts of people across the nation, even people from other nations reading and praying for him. He has completed day one of this round of chemo. I have just added a song written for him, Coleman's Prayer. But like Peggy said, he's paid his due, it's time for an end to the disease in him. I was looking at the transplant video. Bless his heart. Nothing seems to stay gone. Continuing intercessory prayers going up in his behalf. I'm finishing up my sites because my sight is going until I get my IVIG going next week.

Talk to you later,
Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission