Monday, October 13, 2008

John Wesley & Rena Bell Wages' family reunion memories

Last week was full of all kinds of activity, but it ended on a high note with the Wages' Family Reunion. It was held at Village Creek State Park in Wynne, Arkansas. It was enthusiastically attened by 50 to 60 family members, along with friends that some brought. I was unable to attend, but "TO ME", the spirit of the day was capturedly by all the pictures that have been coming in. Thank goodness for digital photography!! No waiting time for development!! Since I've got a nice amount gathered here from Jim's camera, I thought I would go ahead and post these that he made, while I am working on others that I have. They are ALL so very, very good.

I have put Jim and Peg here at the top, and in a larger size for special recognition since they are the only children of nine ofJohn Wesley and Rena Bell Wages still living. I think it is more pungent for this reunion the fact that they both faced cancer this year, but just look at them! They are beautiful aren't they? I love them both! She has been my "sister" for almost fifty years, so you know that means he has been **mine** for almost fifty years, too. But we've covered that here over the past six months or so, haven't we? This post isn't one to go off on a tangent nothat now is it? Another day. Another time. ::smile::

I have made the pictures small for easier loading, but if you click on them you can view them in large size, the original size since there were so many.


Jim & Peg
Gene, Sally Ann, & Jim
My crew, of which I am so proud!
Jim & Donnie, Debbie, Christen, & Ashton Sears
(yes, named after his great-grandfather)
Jim of Wages' Surveying Co.
Christen & Ashton, they're so sweet
Granddaddy and I thought he looked tired.
Maybe he was just too hot, OR
needed his Mammaw!Jim getting a kiss from his Aunt Peg
(Naw, no change it!)
My first-born ;-)
Debbie (my 1st baby), Christen (her baby), &
Ashton (Ashley's 1st born)
Christen & Ashton
These two seemed to have a lot of fun that day
The One Year Olds
One of Mammaw's four GREAT grands
Ashton Sears
Ethan Kittell
Verne & Peg
Jean & JordanVerne & Dottie (will they figure out the camera?), with
Christopher to the left holding Ethan
Ooh, good picure! Verne, Betty, & JeanLisa, Sarah, & ElizabethDillon, Judy, & JamieMatt, Linda, & TracyBetty, Sally Ann, & JudyOhhh, a bunch, but it looks like they are listening to, umm, ahem, a long, tall, tale.
There's Jim, Ronnie, Mike, Betty, Lisa,
Here's the 'nother Mike aka Bobo, & Dottie,
(gosh, I was SO glad to see them!!)
Betty, Jennifer with Ethan, Verne
A reeel-ly big bunch here!!Christopher holding Ethan
Kaci, Betty, & Evalene Son Jim and Ronnie
(umm, this picture could use a bit of touch-up)Mike, a bit of Peg, & VerneThere was a clown amongst them.
His name was Bobo, and there will be more pictures
in the continuing post coming up later today.

Peg talking to Mike about clowns?

Jim and Rudolph have something in common..... the nose?

Okay, I think this will do for now, and I will get started on the the others that have come in from Donnie and Christa. Both had some really good shots.

The food came from Corky's and it was delicious. How do I know if I didn't go? My sweetie brought me some home, of course.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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