Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A slow rainy Tuesday

"Well now, Pa." "Yes, Ma." "It's been a multifocal day hasn't it?" "It's been a what???" "Well, it's where you focus on several different things during one time span." (I made that up) " Remember, you got us up a little bit early this morning for breakfast because you needed to run an errand, you needed to take care of some important business. Then, while out, you went and bought some groceries. That's good as long as you bought us some pretzels. You did, so that's good. Got me some Diet Cokes, too, did ya? You're really lookin' out for me aren't you? Though some folks would think that is junk food, and I think that way, too, but right about now, it's the least of all evils to put in my mouth."

You prepared us a good lunch of several vegetables, and some chicken. After resting you went to the auto place to check on the air conditioner part for the car, to see if it had come in yet. You came home, walked in the back door repeating, "I did not lose my cool, I did not lose my cool......." "What" "The air conditioner part for the car, it not only had not come in, it has not even been ordered yet!"

Oh, Pa-Jim, all joking and kidding aside. I am too weak to make a good post out of this I know. I can feel all the good lines, but I am down so far, MG-wise tonight, and trying so hard to hold on until the reunion Saturday, and then until my next IVIG coming up just after that. And I am hurting so bad. But you know that, though, don't you. You are here amongst it. And we have that rheumatologist appointment Friday. Are your shoulders getting heavy? Mine are. Sometimes it's just so hard to hold on, but I think today is the hardest it has ever felt. Hahahaha I just had to blow my nose, and *mucous* (you know I'd like to say *snot* don't you?) just went all down my hand! I like it when there is something to make me laugh even when it is 1:20 a.m. and it is just me, and not even one of the babies awake or stiring. I hear you snoring over there. My blowing is not bothering your snoring. The perc is beginning to help the legs, back, and neck.

I just have to remember, "In our weakness, He is made strong."

See ya in the morning. Maybe we can sleep late in the morning.

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