Friday, October 3, 2008

Changes in the road - just a little bit

You should know that going down a road toward remission, nothing would or should remain the same. Already, today, I have made some changes, but just as soon as I get this posted, I will get right back on to working on what my plans are, only, I am not totally sure what they will be, except for one thing ....... Childhood Cancer, and focus on Coleman Larson at this particular time, and if I am not careful I will get side tracked big time for Coleman had surgery today, and did not come from there with the best news.

Okay, I am changing my sidebar to reflect Childhood Cancer. That said, at this time, I do not know how much. I have been a member of People Against Childhood Cancer - PAC2 , signed the Petition, and just everyting I know to do, ad even tried to do even more than I could do (right Diane Bishop?), and may try some more things down the line if the Spirit moves me. I meand these babies and toddlers are giving it their all, so why souldn't I, why shouldn't you. One of them could be your child, one of them could be your grandchild, one of them could be your GREAT-grandchild!! I want to fight for a cancer cure for my now-4 GREAT-grandchildren. One of mine has autism, but I do not know how to fight for that, but I do know how to fight for this as I was in on it ground up. Believe me, I never thought Bob Piniewski would make anywhere near this far ~ 1,000,000 signatures. Thank him for the vision and the love for his son! Wouldn't you have a few doubts of a man with a vision like this, starting out with zero signatures? And what about his family? Christi? Anyway, go to PAC2 right now (*after* you have finished ready here LOL), not sure if I should send you to my page over there or not. LOTS is going on, and I'm not sure if I am up to date, but will find out tonight, after I finish my work here. Again, I'll bring you up to date whenever I find out what all is going on elsewhere, and where I am. I have a few friends over there to update about Coleman. Friends are wonderful!!

Oops, accidentally published. Okay, just read this while I finish up. I think I was about finished, anyway. Well, not quite, but I'll take this break to work on the sidebar, and be back over here later. That work okay with you? I think it might work okay with me. I'm thinking I need a quick game of Mah Jong. It is my relaxant!

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