Saturday, October 11, 2008

In with all of the others . . . the Rheumatologist

Friday I saw my new rheumatologist, Dr. Randy Roberts. Dr. Alisondrotis retired recently, and Dr. Cauli wanted me seeing a rheumatologist before he started me on the Imuran. Long story short, just in case I get sleepy or something (who me?), there is no reason for holding it off. That means I will be starting on it before very long. The impression I got was that he was anxious to get started on as soon as possible. It is the drug that is to help me come down on the Prednisone. Plus, I have been off the methotrexate a couple of months, and I am going to stay off of it, only taking it if Cauli needs it for the MG. It *does* make a difference in the MG symptoms, *I* believe. Now, to back up to the beginning. That was the final analysis for using the imuran for the MG.

This was one of the most thorough rheumatology examinations I have had in many years. He explained everything very thoroughly as he went along. Then he had me get on the examination table, and he gave me a total of eight shots. Surprise, surprise, he found hot spots. No doubt about that! What surprised me more was the fact that I only felt one of them. *I* think I can tell a difference today. Only two oral pain meds all day long, and that was because I was sitting up and doing stuff for a long period of time.
He also did a bone scan with not too bad results at all. Not what Dr. Jane had told me. I was really glad to hear that because he did not renew my prescription to my Actonel. I am beginning to see the amount of medications coming down! All that was needed was to come to Arkansas!

Today was the Wages' family reunion, and here are a couple of the pictures Jim took:

Debbie (mother), Christen(one of her daughters, and Ashton (Debbie's grandson)

Donnie, Jimbo, Debbie, Christen holding Ashton


Jocelyn said...

Hi Ragdoll Billie. Sorry you did not feel like going to the family reunion. Sounds like you had about all you could handle for one week Really sounds good that you beginning to cut down or cut out some of your meds. I've been reading the Team Larson posts.
They are an emotional roller coaster. What an impact they are having on a lot of people. I hope the next round of chemo kills it off. Love you. Jocelyn

Renee said...

Just a quick post on one of your comments. Try Afrin for nasal congestion the next time. It's amazing. It's over the counter too.

Ragdoll Billie said...

Jocelyn, that is for the rheumatologist, and is the methotrexate. I've also been taking it for the MG, so we'll have to see what the neuro wants to do with it, too. We *do* know he wants to start the imuran, and that is why we had to see the rheumatologist. One doctor here, two doctors there, no doctors yonder......... LOL I *do* like not having to remember that injection every week.

Love ya..... getting ready to go for IVIG infusion next week.

Ragdoll Billie said...


Garcia? I saw a Clarksville on my Stat counter and didn't know if it added 2 + 2 or not to Kennedy's mom or not.

I agree with you on the Afrin.

I had a continual sinus infection, and we had to buy something on a trip to our Ohio babies. In desperation I bought something at an off-the-wall place of an off-the-wall brand, and I'm here to tell you it took care of my head like nothing ever before of since, and I've not been able to find it ever again.

Thanks for the comment, and please do come again. And, if you are Renee Garcia, I've got a couple of questions for you..... :)