Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have made substantial changes, but there is far, far to go, and today (Wednesday) I need to get some writing done, plus some of the changes and updates on my CaringBridge site. If you come this way, and it is, it is, well, I don't know how to describe how it *shouldn't* be, how I wouldn't want it to be, like I'm in between a save here or there, just pick out the place you feel most comfortable, the place where you learn the most about childhood cancer, and have a seat and read while I do whatever it is that I've got to do.

I will be working some between here and PAC2 or maybe YouTube now that I've learned how to make the videos, I just made a practice one a few hours ago, but I hope to goodness I am being fruitful, and making progress. Have yourself a very good day, and PLEASE go over to PAC2. I am learing so much about childhood cancer. Number one, I know it is a horrible monster.

Here are a couple of paragraphs that Peggy wrote yesterday, and she also posted the video of the deaccessing of Coleman's port, shown over on the right.

"Speaking of scans, we saw Coleman’s latest yesterday. Remember “” that has been hanging out for so long? What has it been, since December of last year? Well, he decided to take a little growth spurt last month…and now you can see some of what they call “candy coating” or “sugar coating” of cancer cells spread out on some of the brain areas, and the spine as well. That’s what cancer does…it lies and cheats-it doesn't play by any rules. It's a nasty, dirty opponent…Looking at those scans was like looking into the face of the devil. Ugly, ugly, ugly stuff, in our smart, beautiful little boy's brain, and we want it GONE!

We all know WHO can make that happen, and we FIRMLY believe– Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us the reminders...we all need that, but we KNOW. His promises are what's getting us through.
we THANKYOU for the prayers you’ve been sending up on behalf of Coleman- we’re praying along with everyone else…
We're praying hard for our little buddy Nicholas cp: nicholasdefelice and our buddy Eli cp: elirhorn
Two of many little heroes...way too many."

Back to reading for me.

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