Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Down the road in 2008.... how much awaits?

This is the morning that I put my foot forward on this road this new year. Actually, the first one with a sure, definite purpose as far as the Myasthenia is concerned. Jim and I have it figured that I go back to the hospital on the 11th; that is our tentative date so far unless the doctor or hospital changes it, as they did last month. "Lackluster morning" seems a good description around here this morning. Jim has the peas on cooking, and is over in his chair at his computer; I am here on my bed doing this, making a list of things I need to do in reference to this blogging. Writing is only a "sometime" thing, and I have to use it whenever I have it. I'm expecting word that it wants to break away from the pen to take flight into that bit of sunshine beyond those front windows. My bed faces it, and I admit it does look inviting. It just takes so much effort to get dressed, and by that time, I am too tired to go. Maybe I'll create my own sunshine here, learning, writing, blogging, scanning pictures, having a good time, especially since it is so very cold outside, and getting even colder tonight, down to 18 degrees.

Okay, we've gotten this day off with a BANG! Literally!! Twelve midnight we were welcomed with some very loud pops, probably firecrackers, right outside out windows. I was watching the time on my computer; Jim was asleep upstairs. It woke him, and made me jump. That went on for about five minutes, only outside our windows. Hmmm..... a special welcome to 2008 it seems to me. Well, thank you, whomever you are. Mighty nice of you. I am happy to be here on January 1, 2008. ;-)

Off now to check out the Cotton Bowl. Have a good day each one of you. Hopefully able to be back later.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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