Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Countdown to Intraveneous Immunoglubulin or IVIg

The Carpetbagger bags are out. Bobby, I never dreamed that when I got them that they would be needed for such as this. I"m so Proud when I enter *my* floor with my beautiful bags in tow.

Gowns and jammies are washed and ironed. Need enough for four days with a couple of changes each. I've been doing this since May 4, 2007, and you would think I had this all down by now, but no two hospitalizations have not been the same.

A note here. I never asked Jim to iron them. True, the white cotton ones really do need something, and you would be surprised at the great job he does. Why, he's the best ironer any cleaner in town could even think of having! LOL I've just about convinced him now, though, that they do not need all those details in the ruffles ironed. He sure got the nurses attention when they saw them. They said he could come and iron for them any ole day. Don't tell him, but he has a few of them wrapped around his little finger. I order a cold drink, they bring two. Hmmm my. They'd spoil him in a minute. 'S Okay. He's my sweetie, and he's worth it. hehehe We've gotten so silly in our golden years.

Jim tried to call Dr. Saeed's nurse today for her to get the orders written to be called into the hospital. It is supposed to be for four days, with the drip set for 40 cc per hour, and I think the ratio based on 1 kg weight rather than two. I need to go look that up after I post this. We are trying to do everything we can to reduce the side effects.

Good news. Strength is definitely improved tonight. I had fallen asleep (just a little cat nap you know ;), and woke when Jim was tightening down the hatches for the night. A good sign is that the ptosis has been better all day, and I can see!

Wednesday afternoon: Lots of sleep, and rest since I wrote that above. Now Blogger is telling me "securityToken...." and won't let me save nor Publish this, so I've got to figure it out. Blah! I need to do more studying and organization of this Blogger stuff. It just tells me ERROR, but not what it is.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Cindy Breninger said...

Hey there lady, I sure hope things look up for you...Please know you are in my thoughts and I will hope things are ok. :)

ragdoll said...

Thanks Cindy. Today is finish packing day. Not really lots more to do. Am finally over the MG episode I had last week. Able to keep the baby a while yesterday. That's always a good sign..... vbg He was asleep in my arms when they returned. *s* Grandmothers just have that touch, eh?

Figuring more things out, and getting ready to try to put links on. Beginning to get the hang of things. Know what I'll do in the hospital??? Yep! Right here. You find any good blogs, let me know..... LOL!

Have a good day today,
Ragdoll Billie