Sunday, January 6, 2008

A nice Sunday

Woke to a pretty good morning, after a couple of waltzes with Jim during the night.

Thank goodness there is not much pain, especially with the head and neck, just the calves of my legs which are still weaker than usual. Eyes with ptosis are a little better today, for which I am *very* thankful. I hang with those at ASD - Alt Support Diabetes, and with the ptosis, it is hard to read very much. They have been a really good support base for me, not only with diabetes, but with whatever my MG has dealt, and the hospitalizations with the after effects and all. They even let me go [OT] and let me vent or whatever it is that's personal. They are like family to me. Thanks guys and gals! Love ya!

Frank, new papa of Emily, said Ragdolls were for hugging. I think that's a good idea, don't you? That's what I like about my treks to the little girl's room. Jim and I hold hands, giggle, hug..... oh, that is on the way back when there is no urgency.

Tomorrow I have two doctors' appointments.

Just discussed my cancer fear with my doctor a couple of months ago, and now I face two immediate family members with it. Look forward to my appointment with him tomorrow to discuss my emotional feelings. That very well could be, probably is the base of my MG episode right now. I sent an email to the internal medicine group that sees me while in the hospital, and told them I surely needed them to work with me on my stress management.

[Few moments later]

Just was up, and oh, am I weak. So much to the point that I am considering canceling appointments for tomorrow. I see Latif in the hospital anyway, but did want to see him at the office to discuss my lowering my blood glucose levels during the infusion to see how it would affect my pain management. And, in addition to the other things I've talked about, I am do get follow-up lab work for rheumatologist because of taking methotrexate. Jim said to just wait and see how I am doing in the morning. Mornings are always best for myasthenics anyway, so we might could get down there and back before I would crash tomorrow.

My arm muscles have joined my claves in hurting tonight. They tremor, as do my hands and fingers. Time for Mestinon. Maybe that will help something.

Funnieeeeeee Blogger thinks my blog is a spam blog, and I don't even know how to finish putting mine altogether, getting some of this off this front page.

I think this is it for today. Crawling in for the night.

Goodnight all my children. Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Mammaw.
We're not the Waltons, but we are a good family.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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