Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tuesday was the day I was supposed to go see the new ENT doctor, Dr. Naidu about the possibility of Pemphigus, another disease, which is often associated with Myasthenia Gravis. Biopsy is the only way it can be diagnosed or ruled out. It was a really beautiful day we woke to today. I was all ready to travel; the ills of the weekend were past. There were no reports of cats and dogs, thunder, lightening, and rain were seen and heard in abundance. Even storm spotters couldn't miss all of that. We cannot park the van close enough to the house for me to drive my vehicle to it to get me in, and then for Jim load the chair in the back. One good way for me to get a shower, I guess. Any other good uses? Jim called the doctor's office to let them know what was going on, and they rescheduled me..... I was expecting to have to wait a while, but we were fortunate..... someone canceled for Wednesday at 10:45, so everything worked out fine after all. Having slept in my granny gown, I was sorta glad when I could just stay put here and have a leisurely morning doing what I had already started doing, and now I could lie here and listen to however much rain I could barely hear, and some of the thunder. Though it scares the babies, I do like to hear the thunder. The sound machine needs to be hooked up. It's cool. *s*

We hung our Wages psychology shingle out before we sat down to our coffee time together; the babies were getting worried it concerned them, because Papa called them around as he was coming over to *my* rocking chair. All he was doing was acknowledging it was meeting time, and for them to come and join us. Most of them came, but Missie surprised us by getting up here in my bed with me. Normally, she strikes a guard pose between my bed, and the rocker, then when all is set, she lies down, tucks those front paws beneath her, and prepares herself for her duty - protecting mama and papa. We get the impression sometimes that she understand the English language by her body language in response to what we are saying, and it's not necessarily about her. This morning she surprised us by jumping up here on my bed beside me and the edge.

Jim and I were talking about my down-time over the weekend, and after a while came to the conclusion it was a good chance nervousness over seeing Dr. Naidu for the first time, even though I had seen him while in the hospital, was at play here. Not only have we seen him outside my hospital room, but I know nothing of his office procedures. That *does* make a difference! Aslo, and this is where I was thinking..... the probability of a biopsy of my tongue At any rate, this appointment has me more nervous than any I can remember in a very long while

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis