Saturday, January 12, 2008

Singing in the rain

After all the rain and cloudy skies that felt so cozy to me, today brought rays of sunlight into the living room, and were just as welcomed as the rain. Easy for me to say, huh, since I'm not one who must get out in the rain. But sometimes, it is fun to walk in the rain. I remember one time I had been to an organ lesson. My teacher lived just down the street from me, so it was a nice walk, and I always felt good, felt lighter after a lesson. This one particular day, it started to rain while I was inside learning to heel and toe, and more, and when I opened the door to leave for home, my teacher and I were surprised to see it raining. No umbrella was at hand. Not sure how I protected my music, but I headed on home in the gentle rain, skipping, glad there was no choice but to get wet, not a really soaking wet, though.

I have often wondered why I remembered that little walk in the rain. Maybe it was the *Little Girl* still within me, the *big* high school girl. ;-) I had initially taught myself to play on an old pipe organ that had been used in the local theater during the silent movies. Now, *that* would have been something to play for. LOL I would have liked that; I just liked playing no matter what. Oh, if I could just have lived on the piano bench, how happy I would have been. Many hours were spent there, but deep within me has always been a desire to be more of a performer than I ever came close to being.

The thrill, the rush when called to center stage at the end of a performance cannot be explained, especially when you were not expecting it in the first place. Ankara, Turkey. 1972 .The Chapel Choir Spring Concert. I was the organist. It was not even for certain we would be able to perform because there had been anti-American bombings the night before upon the building, but it was deemed safe for the concert to continue as planned. That many years ago, I cannot remember all the songs they sung, but I do remember one that I have loved throughout the years, and it is "This Land is Your Land" I found a video at YouTube, but could not figure out how to get it in here. More Blogger stuff to learn. I could get it into the sidebar, where it was too wide, but not into here. Anyone got any idea, instructions, I'm all ears. LOL

It has been a nice day today. Only had to take the pain med for the usual pains, those mainly in my legs, and then for my back because of sitting up here most of the day using my arms. I remember telling the pain doc yeeeaaaars ago that using my arms, outstretched before me would bring on the girdle pain in my lower back. Then, sitting down, relieving all weight and pressure, the pain would lessen. Always the same, never deviating. Bit by bit we are learning more and more about how much the past has been involved in the MG. More recently, some unanswered problems with my mouth and skin looks like it *might* be a condition cal Pemphigus . Pemphigus is associated with other autoimmune diseases. It has been reported in association with myasthenia gravis.

Ahhhhhh....... it feels like a fresh, gentle rain has swept this way....... I freshened up the bod a bit, using Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. From soap, to lotion, to perfume........ Ever tried it? No, not you guys. it smells the nicest in here now. Feels good, too. How does smelling good make you feel better, I wonder. Oh, the power of the mind. After a rest, I will have a bowl of soup to top off the day.

Time to go.


Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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