Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hearing is on its way!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

First, the appointment was with the ENT doctor about my mouth, mentioned back in the entry I found out one thing where I mentioned Pemphigus disease. Dr Naidu came to see me in the hospital, examined my throat, and said he wanted to see me in his office after my discharge. This was that visit. I did not know what he was going to do.

When we checked in, Jim asked if they were able to refer us to an audiologist, ways to purchase hearing aids, etc., and he was instructed in who to see when we were in the back. He had already said we were going to look into them sometime this year, but it surprised me this quickly. ;-) And still..... I just thought we were just gathering literature. That was just about the first thing Jim said after a quick "How do you do, my name is Jim." Nah, not really like that, I'm exaggerating, he let me speak to her first. LOL But then he really did ask about hearing devices. She said she would speak to the audiologist, stepped from the room, and just moments later, another young lady stepped in the room. This was the audiologist. She was going to do a hearing test right then; she and I zipped in and out and around a maze of corridors until we ended up in this room literally at the end. There she put something on my head, and it seems like she zapped me..... not really, but it did remind me of some of these movies I've seen the kids (13 to 40 year old kids) watching, plus there I sat in my Super Duper Power Chair - was power going to flow from my head, right on through me, to my chair, and what were we going to do next??? - oooohhh, back to earth and reality; it seems to slip away from me now and then. She, then, directed me to go into a room that held two chairs, some shelving on one wall with various unidentified objects on them (I've got start checking things like this out more closely if I'm going to report back to my superiors with more correct material ;) I could lose my job for not being vigilant, and THAT would never do! There was also a window behind which the audiologist could sit, and we could stare at each other, oh, even a Care Bear Stare-------->>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!! After placing some contraption on my head, covering my ears, she went to sit at the table on the other side of the table. The first time through her speaking some simple words was no problem. I've picked up the habit of reading people's lips as they talked. Then she said her voice was going to be softer. Okay. Then she picked up a manila folder and placed it over her mouth. NO FAIR!!! Impossible for me to do! LOL

After all this torture *s* we went back into the examination room where Jim was still waiting on us. The audiologist showed us the different types of devices available for me. The three of us came to an agreement as to what would be the best for me, and that was that! She made an impression of both ears, and in approximately two weeks I will have new ears! I had them once before in 1991, and loved them. It will be interesting to see if throughout this passage of time, technology will have improved them to the point that they will have improved significantly. I do know that they are self-adjusting. I am excited! Looks like they might come in while I am next in the hospital toward the middle of February.

Now, the primary reason for the appointment. Dr. Naidu came in the room; he asked many questions, and did a thorough examination of my mouth and tongue. There are four teeth he wants my dentist to check out, and he wants a report of what is going to be done with them. Then he will proceed to do a biopsy of the the inside of my mouth, and tongue. All I want is for a negative reading for the path report. I am very anxious for that to be done.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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