Friday, February 1, 2008

Found One Day


Christen, whose middle name is also Nicole, was here one day; we were sitting on the back patio basking in the August heat. We live in a townhouse, and a couple of doors down, our neighbor had several cats that she finally gave up one day because of the difficulty she was having caring for them. I knew that Sassy was pregnant, but I had not seen her in a while. I kept putting food out for her as she made the transition between the two houses. As Christen and I sat there, all of a sudden we heard a mewing sound. Very carefully I walked toward the sound, which was where the grass had grown tall during some recent rains. It was easy to find the source of the meow, and I reached down, and picked up a squirming little mess of four flying legs, with no eyes open yet.
I gave the little mess to Christen to hold while I turned to go and look to see if there were any more. As she took the kitten, it just clung to her clothing, and Christen said, "Look, Mammaw, it's clinging just like Velcro. I don't even have to hold it."
So, off I went to check the grass for any more kittens, walking much slower than the first time. All of a sudden there was some loud mewing, and I quickly jumped from where I was! There was another one, and I had stepped on it! I didn't think I had hurt it, but I was quick to check it out. Its eyes, too, were still closed, and had those flailing legs. They were so cute.
I gave them to Christen to hold while I went to look for any more, but it seemed that these two were all there were. What I noticed while looking was an intricate maze of the overgrown grass where Sassy had made a protective area for her babies. She had provided for them well.
Finally, I determined these were the only ones, and Christen and I took them into the house to check them out thoroughly, the little squirmers.

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Cindy Breninger said...

Just checking in on you. :)

ragdoll said...

Checking in on ME? Girl, it is I who is checking in on YOU!! Worried so about you. Tell me how you've been.

How am I doing here, BTW? I'm working to get more viewers. If only I could stay awake. Grrrr, this crazy disease.