Friday, February 15, 2008

Pizza, the sure fire way to cure the scalawags

Here I lie. NO! Not telling falsehoods, but lying in this hospital bed with this fluid going drip, drip, drip, drip.... 16ml every hour into my veins. What do you think this purple represents? The red and blue of my veins and arteries mixed together making purple? I couldn't do this in blue, I couldn't do this in black, nor green, nor red, and oh, never, never orange!!! Can I just say purple is one of my favorite colors? To me, that is reason enough, but it is not such a sophisticated a color. Blah!! Who says? What do they know? At my age, everything is beautiful, and yes, I do like orange, even have an orange picture of me. . . no I mean a picture of me wearing orange. Just cannot do a blog post in orange, that's all.

I'm writing because I am hungry. The scalawag crossed the line today, and I had to get a dilaudin. I woke up starving, and I had run out of Keeblers Cinnamon Graham Crackers earlier. I think I am having withdrawal *in addition to* being absolutely hungry. But, you gotta see it my way. Portion size. They do not feed me like my chef feeds me. He has measured out a half cup, and it is much more than they serve here, and THAT is my allowable diabetic diet. And especially if is broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, and really a lot of other things, too. Oh, my, this is making me even hungrier!

He cooks the best vegetables for us. We have a delicious recipe for squash that we made up ourselves. Since he is cooking to lower his cholesterol, we really eat most healthily. Except for my soft, near liquid foods for my mouth, and that is my, let the trumpet sound: Cream of Wheat!! Yeah, that's right. I could do a commercial on it; better yet, I could eat a whopping bowl of it exactly right now.

I just ask my CNA who is on tonight, Kim (Hi, Kim. . . it's so good to see you again), "When do we send for pizza?" No pizza, but she just came back into my room with a Shasta Diet Lemon/Lime, and Shasta Cola, plenty of ice. . . all to go with my steak dinner cooking in the microwave now at the nurses' station! Now. How is *that* for service. And it has green beans in it. LOL Thinking about it, better test and bolus. Good girl Billie - you know, like Good Dog, Carl. ;)

So, Pizza Hut it was not, but appreciated it was. Thank you, Kim. It hit a really, really empty spot! I know to be more careful in the future and bring more food as I usually do, like Lindt chocolate bars. They can't be beat, and are *supposed* to be good for you. That's what they say, and why should I not believe them.

Found: The perfect snacker. They have these little things of peanut butter. Perfect. Not too big (for sure), and not too little (we'll see), but good, smooth, creamy peanut butter. Time to go, and get back to a little more serious writing, especially since the scalawag is slithering just around the corner. Sounds rather sneaky to me. Something is coming though to throw the scalawag back a pace or two. Back you!! Get back!! We're having a party here, and you're not going to mess it up! Now git!

Now, turning your dial back to a more serious nature of one end result of the life of a donor's blood. . . being pooled with at least 999 others to make up an IVIG.

Hello, Dr. Ali. It is always so good to see you. Have a good night.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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