Monday, February 25, 2008

A very nice weekend visit

It was a nice weekend of visiting with Ashley and Ashton. She sent a text Friday to see if I wanted to hang out Saturday, then said she didn't have to be back at work until Tuesday, so she had the whole weekend. I asked her where she was pitching her tent, and she said she didn't know. I hung out the welcome sign for them here. We made tentative plans to meet in Jonesboro Saturday. She would be calling me Saturday morning for the final plans.

We scurried around Saturday after Ashley called confirming our plans, going from bank to bank gathering gas, eating, and shopping money . . . a little here, a little there . . . with plans to go to Turtlecreek Mall, I wanted some spending money in my purse (I need a new purse). It's been soooo long since I've been shopping; didn't even get to do any shopping at Christmas. A "Born to Shop" woman can only go so long without hitting a mall or two, and here we would have two of them who had been shopping deprived! (what kind of purse do I need to get?)

We also needed to stop by the drug store. I took the opportunity to test the snazzy red camera on readiness. Yeah, think it will do; think I will keep it. That reminds me of something else I need to look for at the mall . . . a toy bag or holder. Francesca's might be a good place to look for something like that.

As we neared Jonesboro, we decided to eat at Outback Steakhouse. I had told Ashley we would meet directly inside, in the middle of the mall, in the general area of the food court.

Jim said he would go in and get them. Uh, oh. We had not talked this one through. Not only had we not talked it though, we had not even talked about it at all, except to choose a place to eat. I guess it is communication that we realize we did not communicate to begin with, huh?

The way things worked out, we had not eaten lunch when we got to Jonesboro. That gave us two options:
1) Get a snack right then, and shop, eat at Outback later
2) Eat at Outback now, and go to the mall afterward

Jim said he really didn't want to eat any snack food, so we decided to eat Outback first, shop later (purse maybe?)

Now . . . we are back to the point of his going inside to get them. He returns empty handed.
:( Yes, I know. Sheila had to drive her car over to where we were parked to transfer their luggage to the expedition.

Oh, how wonderful to see them! Well, actually, I can only see Ashley, but I can hear Ashton. Ashley warns us to be ready. He can growl like a bear. Uncle Jim, you better watch out!

Upon arrival at Outback Steakhouse, we have about a fifteen minute wait for a table,

at which time Ashton goes ahead and begins to eat.

We had a poor experience at Outback for the first time ever, and it not only threw us running very late in the afternoon, but was also a very tiring experience. Therefore, we headed on home rather than going to the mall. Except . . . . we did stop by Starbucks for Ashley's and my favorite coffees. We deserved them. At least we thought so, especially since our shopping excursion got squelched. ;-) After all, there was Monday, right? Sure. ;)

Ashton and Pedialyte

How we spent Saturday night.

Part II Coming up

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