Thursday, February 14, 2008

IVIG Side effects - the scalawags

Headaches. BAD headaches! Coming close to *crossing the line* headaches. But before that, we will slow the IVIG down. We put the percocet to work close to 1:00 p.m.; it is now 1:35 p.m., and I am still fighting it (the headache).

Guess the percocet and I did a real job on the head. Roused at 3 something headache free - whee! That and a good nap did wonders. Now, let's keep it that way.

Having some tea I kept from lunch, and some graham crackers right now.

Oh, they are such foolers!! What do they have against a body having a jolly good time?

NOW I remember why I sleep so much during the treatments. Just all of a sudden the headache sneaks around the corner, messing up my merriment, becoming quite a low down scalawag. The thing that gets me the most, is it robs me of my talking game, well, in this case, my writing game, thinking, talking, writing. It snatches my words from me; throws them all about, hiding them hither and yon, confusing me. Not fair! It seems I cannot think. Okay. That's okay for now, but I'll catch up; I usually do. Sometmes too late, though. :(

Seven o'clock shift has come on, Pam came by checking to see if I needed anything. Stocked up on ice and Diet Shastas. My needs are simple. Uh, oh. Last box of grahams. What'll I do? Oh, what'll I do? This is not Jim's buffet here (portion size ;), and there is a real need for in-between meal help. Oh, what I'd give for some of Jim's cream of wheat right now. How many more days of this? How about some pears and cottage cheese. Do I sound hungry to you? I *feel* hungry to me!! The *one* time I didn't bring much extra food with me. I just didn't feel like being bothered by it Sunday when we were packing. Jim asked me, and I waved him off. Wonder if I could have a pizza delivered? Oh, this is not the Holiday Inn? Drats! Wonder what would happed if a patient really did order a pizza? I think I'll ask, and see the next time a nursing staff person walks in - see, the scalaway is stealing my words. Do you think scalawag is a good description for the headache? Low down scalawag at that!

I hope Manic Mom realizes she better enjoy those Dunkin Donuts while she can. They were my most favorite - oh, I need to get out the Thesaurus, and find every word that describes them, yummmm - but now with my diabetes, they are on the no-no list. I *could* have them by covering them with insulin, but that is not the healthy thing to do. Yack! Healthy!! It takes an effort to be healthy, but worth it. Aaaaaahhh.... I want a Dunkin Donut Manic!!! One of your pretty donuts. It's been so many years!

Think I'll let this one go for now. Have taken some pictures, and want to put them up. Also want to check on Manic's blood drive. This was to be her last day for it, I believe.


Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Manic Mom said...

Billie--I DID NOT EAT A SINGLE DUNKIN DONUT!!! On Weight Watchers, remember! LOL! They sure looked good though, didn't they!

ragdoll said...

I have to hand it to you. You are a very big person to let those go completely by you. Just the thought has my mouth watering right now. ;)

Off to see the wizard... no, no, no... I'm off to wind up the blood drive post. I so cited. ;) Maybe a bit daft, too?

Ragdoll Billie

Anonymous said...

hi billie!
i dunno those doughnuts didnt look good to rather have bannana cream pie with shaved coconut and macadamia nuts..sigh..thats what id eat if i lost my mind..

glad ya posted to asd :-)


Anonymous said...

HI everyone! My Mom has just been diagosed with MG . I am very scared because I know that this will be a major lifestyle change for her...I just want to know what to expect this coming year! Both myself and my sister live overseas and it is not easy to be with her as often as we'd like to . Please give me an idea of what we will have to go through with her and how I can help to make things a little easier for her. Thanks