Monday, February 18, 2008

Seven days to freedom!

Seven days of drip, drip, drip, and on, and on . . . . but 'tis no more. No longer tethered to the pole by the tubing. Freedom to move about as I please. Nice.

The scalawags will go their way now, thank goodness, within a few days. Maybe they are on their way out the door as we speak. Not really very likely, though. They hang around for as long as a week. Of course, I am not going to complain if they want to start their journey earlier.

I have to say it. I just have to get it out. Today I had the one nurse up here that makes me feel so tense and upset. She acts like *she* is my doctor, making judgments about everything concerning me, so critical. She stands in my doorway counting out my pills, all the while making comments about how many I take, and that it's not good to take so many, shaking her head. Do you not think my doctors don't know what they are doing? I do, and I trust them, but she just puts me on the defensive. I've even wondered if she is the reason I've not been able to resolve my scalawag today. She came around my bed area, and started throwing things in the trash, not even asking if something was in fact trash or not. She eyed and talked about my stand and table as if it were hers, and was complaining about this and that being there on it. Sometimes she will just stand there doing nothing. I hope she is not my nurse tomorrow when it is time for my discharge.

Dana! I'm so glad to see you! My twelve hours are over!! I feel like I can call it my twelve hours of hell since you got off this morning. We can work together tonight to try to get the scalawags under control. You didn't get your picture in here because the camera was broken, but I want everyone to know just how much I do appreciate you. Always a smile, and you never give the impression that it's too much to ask of you to do something. When I say "always" I truly mean "always." We'll get that picture yet! *s*

Think it's time to get away from here for this day. Dana has sent me that Diet Shasta Cola down, and I want to go and read some blogs while I have my coke, and unwind from such a stressful day. One . . . I bet I could have gone home if . . . well, that is just speculation isn't it.

Well, double treat! Joie brought me the Diet Shasta, and now Dana has brought me two of them, along with two pakages of graham crackers. Nice.

Let's just say g'night on a sweeter note . . . Oh, there went Olayinka! See, the night just keeps getting better and better. And there is Patricia! I'll just put my new iPod on, find some the scalawags do not like, find some blogs to read, and . . .

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Anonymous said...

Hi I also have MG and get IVIG and am very grateful for all those people that give blood. I get it every three weeks in my doctors office. Good luck to you. And always try to keep the old chin up and just tell the old nursie to go bother someone else.

ragdoll said...

Oh, Jo-Ann!
It is time for me to go again next Monday, the 17th. I wish Medicare would approve mine for outpatient, but so far no. My doctor is set up to do them, too. Home Health is also an option. Oh, well, we take what we can get, don't we. At lest I can say I have met some really nice people.

Let's please try to keep in touch. I want to hear how it goes with othr MGers, and since you are getting IVIGs often like I am, we might have a bit in commoon. ;)

Ragdoll Billie