Friday, February 29, 2008

I wondered what would happen . . .

. . . when I felt too bad to..........everything! Well, everything relating to my blog that is. Right now is that time. You know I started out at the beginning not wanting to write about the down times, and that has not changed one iota! But, this is all part of the journey, I guess. I'm out of my *gem* pills , so there is nothing to keep the flood of tears from overflowing their banks. No reason. Just everything. A few Keebler Grahams with Cinnamon fixed the flood, plus *I* think that writing has staunched the flow, too, so if you have read this far, you have listened, and it has helped me . . . thank you. ;)

What really sounds good, is to just have fun. That is what I thought whenever I pulled the coumputer up close to begin working, and why I chose a color that would show for me, at least while I am composing. Might just change my mind by the time I am finished, and if I do, that's okay. Blue is used too often, and I've use the deep red sometimes because it goes well with the layout, leaving purple and green. Again. There it is. Orange. You know. One of these days, I really might do a post in orange. I'm trying to think of something I have that could be worked up in orange. Not now, though. Let's not push the *doing better* button too much, and *overdo* it. If something should go awry, it might take more from me than I have to give just now, as the weekend with Ashley and Ashton did. One thing I *think* I have learned, and that was to make it workable, set it aside, and then go on, coming back to it when I felt better.

THIS is what happens! You fall asleep, and the hand jerking hits one of the keys, *or* in your sleep, you hit Publish Post accidentally. However, all is not bad. I was checking my blood sugar every hour to see if it was coming down after a correction bolus.

I was going to delete this when I saw it published (surprise!), but realized this is a part of me that should be seen. Oh, well. Thanks again for reading this, for listening. The scalawags are back in full force today. Really bad, and I don't know why. :( Maybe that is why I have been sleeping uncontrollably all day. It is now 4:36 p.m. and I've not accomplished anything because I cannot stay awake. We'll see if lolly will help release me from the pain, yet not put me to sleep, and I can do the things I love to do. I can tell the inside of me feels better than when I started this last night. Is that a good sign? Hope so. I just do not like talking about the bad times. Guess this is why we go around stuffing things inside, not letting people see *all* of us. I'm trying, though, really trying to let *all of me* shine.

I hope you are having a good day wherever you are.

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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