Sunday, February 10, 2008

IVIg time is drawing closer

Less than twenty-four (24) hours! I can honestly say I am not nervous this time; I am acctually looking forward to it. ummm... Wonder why the big change all of a sudden when just a few days ago I was having the same *tummy nerves*?

The main thing is finding a blood drive within the blog community. The Blood Drive is hosted by Manic Mommy. ** I Just had to update my post to reflect Manic's Sunday post. Just getting to her site is all you need to do. She takes you by the hand very gracefully.

After my infusion is started I am going to get pictures (will have to get someone on the nursing staff to take the pictures) of my receiving the IVIg product. This is the full circle of the blood donation. Beginning to end of one aspect. It contains the blood of at *least* 1000 blood donors per FDA regulations. I have been receiving these treatments since May. This is the first time I have *met* blood donors to express my appreciation for their part at the very beginning - the donation!

See. Whenever I get in the middle of something like this, I gets "soooooo cited" as one of the kiddos used to say whenever they were little (cannot believe I am beginning to forget who said what ;). And that is me . . . sooooo cited! LOL I just hope I do not have to stay in the ER Admin/Holding area to wait for my room. This is one time it really does matter to me. *vbg* In the past, it has taken pharmacy about eight (8) hours to have the IV prepared and to me. Last month, to last four (4) days, it was in a biiiiig bag, and crept by sooooo slowly! Next week is going to go for five (5) days.

My blood sugar has been difficult to maintain during infusions, so I've been checking out the different IVIg products, and seeing that they are made with and without *sugar* of some kind. A nurse and I checked the IV solution last month, but I did not think to check about the blood product itself. I've been checking the ones at Blood Diagnostics. That would be something if my endo and I have been battling against this each time. Surely, that was checked from the beginning. Dunno. I just found last month's labeling and it was B Braun.

For now . . .

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Manic Mom said...

How sweet that you say I am graceful! I don't think I've ever been called graceful in my entire life! LOL!

ragdoll said...

Shhhhhh.... don't let anyone coming to your site from mine know *everything*! Just *be nice* and that will be sufficient. LOL Where's the tiara?

Ragdoll Billie