Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now the day is over

WOW! What a day! Guess you could call it a day of transitions. The scalawags were lingering, threatening. Dana and I talked about them, and how we thought best to handle them. I slept. At 4 am we treated one, then I went back to sleep soon, only waking as necessary until breakfast. When I left in early afternoon, I had not encountered another scalawag. The difference in me was as in night and day, from when Liesl was here yesterday, and I was telling her I needed one more day/night to try to get the scalawags under control, and when she was there today to discharge me. It was easy to see I was in no distress whatsoever . . . just dressed and ready to leave the hospital, and go home (but by Best Buy first, after eating at Abuelo's ;)

I was so glad to see Jim when he walked in and woke me from a cat-nap. I had told him to come mid morning since Liesl had come early before when she knew I was going to be leaving in the morning. She did not *say* she would be by early, I just thought . . . there I go again with that thinking bit
. ;)

Well, we did go to Abuelo's, and it was every bit as good as I anticipated. Love it there!!

Then on to what I had been hoping to do all week if I was able to do it . . . you see, I have this weakness . . . computer mice! There was a Kensington that I wanted really bad. Need it? Absolutely not! A few weeks ago . . . no make that probably more like a few months ago when we were at Turtlecreek Mall, I bought a maroon Kensington that I absolutely fell in love with it. There was also a red one almost like it. Well, it was except for the design. But this red one was so very cool, and like I say, not needed, just like a toy to a child, and well, maybe, after a week tethered to the pole, maybe I could convince myself I deserved a toy. Humprh! Sometimes I felt like I deserved a lot more than that, but that's neither here nor there. :- /

Maybe that is why I broke down and did it. Bought something waaaaaaaay totally into the nerdish, toyish realm. Another camera. Well, you see, it was like this. Remember all those pictures on the blood drive entry? I did not get to complete my picture taking because my camera played out on me. I was right in the middle of taking Dana's picture, and kablam! the camera just quit in clean air! Literally. In my bed, I had to hold my camera way up to take the pictures - my long arms stretched as far as t hey'd go, and I couldn't see the camera screen - and while I was taking Dana's picture the camera stopped in mid-action, with the lens left extended, and me unable to get them to close or anything. Nothing. Zilch. I've only had the camera a few months. It was fully charged before we left. So what gives?

Therefore, I did go to Best Buy ready to buy another camera, for what blogger can do without a camera? Well, at least the ones *I* know. hehe Jim and I take a camera with us everywhere we go, and he's very adept with the camera, and is very willing to use it - even in the dentist office, and as I get a biopsy on Wednesday if Dr. Naidu doesn't mind, we'll see. So, now, here's my logic (Jim is already chuckling to himself I know ;). Wish I could record him if I knew when he was reading this. Anyway. I had the *broken* camera with me. Clear. Didn't know what was wrong with it. Clear. I need a camera at all times. Clear. What if it is not the battery, I get home, it will not charge, then I am without a camera (Wal-Mart doesn't have that big a selection). Clear. There was absolutely no idea what was going on with my nearly brand new camera, and it was making me nervous, waspish, jittery, ninnyhammer, spastic, a basket case, bundle of nerves, timorous, antsy, unmanly - oh, my . . . . . now I know this has me in really in bad shape . . . unmanly? ? ? What in the world am I thinking? My nerves must be totally shattered to be reliving this situation, and coming up with those feelings to the point of, oh, my! Well, now, where was I? Let's get back to reality. Why I really needed to buy me a camera at Best Buy this afternoon after being released from the hospital where I was tethered to an IV pole for seven days, by a huge needle stuck in the thin, delicate skin of my left hand. Ouch!

I have heard some people diss Best Buy, but let me tell you, if you have a camera problem (you don't want fixed) they are just the place you don't want to go. In short order they determined it was nothing more than a dead battery. Wonderful. (Nooooooo) All we have to do is take it home and recharge the battery. (But I found the neatest little red, very thin, cutie Casio camera that just matches me in every way, awwww I really, really need it......... naw, I really, really want it) I showed it to Jim, whose helpful words were, "Your money, do what you want to do." Aaargh! Jim, that is no help whatsoever in helping me to decide. I had shown him a cute little $99 one that I had originally thought about (when did I EVER decide on the cheapest of anything), and while we were looking at it, he said what about this for Christen. She was trying to bum me out of a broken (probably broken, this is yet another camera that had been used by legion).

Poor darling thirteen year old granddaughter. She deserves the best, but things seem to have a way of skedaddling, vamoosing, absconding her proprietorship. It's not her fault, poor baby. Some boy stole her camera. Came up to her and said he had a green camera but no charger for it. She said,"That's funny. I have a charger for a green camera, but no camera." Then there is the iPod, and th..... no, we'll stop there of the things that have a hard time staying in her possession, but you see, don't you that she is such a busy, busy girl with so many things happening at once. Even now, her glasses are broken. I kept her mother and uncle in glasses, and I'm sure glad I do not have her, too, now. Someone should design some better glasses for children! There HAS to be something out there somewhere, somehow. The next generation maybe?

So, we buy Christen the daily special (with lettuce, pickle, and mustard?), and I am left with what?

Squandering my money? Okay. I am weak. I break. I get that little red beauty. I remind myself of my boys, when they were little, collecting Matchbox cars, the first one bought in 1965. No way was one car ever enough, no matter how much they cost later on when they and the cars got bigger, and then we added Hot Wheels to the collections. You just cannot help yourself (especially when you are the child, and mom and dad are doing the buying. *s*

So, now I've got the little red camera to take shots for my blog. Jim wanted to know if I'd let him use my pretty pink camera once we got home and got the battery recharged. I even bought an extra battery to have on hand from now on; this has never happened to me in my however many years of using cameras with batteries, my first 35mm being a Zeiss Icon purchased in 1964. Boy, that is a long time ago. That camera disappeared during a move. Sad. :(

Debbie and Christen met us here at home upon our arrival back in town. When Jim came in, he told Christen he was sorry we could not get back into town in time to take her out to eat, but that we had brought her a hamburger. ;) Then he handed her the Best Buy bag (they have new clear ones). Expecting a hamburger, she exclaimed, "It's a camera!" We had one happy little girl on our hands here. On the way over here, she had made the comment to Debbie - again - that she wanted a camera. Well, Christen, now you've got it. Don't let it do all those things I said above, especially skedaddle, and get out of your possession. I know how much fun you have, and good you are with a camera, so best of luck with this one. No, we won't scratch your name on the lens as someone suggested - I cannot imagine who would do that - but maybe we can do something. I guess getting older means having to use getting older ways of keeping things from vamoosing from us! *big smile*

All in all, it has been a really nice day, and I've managed to keep the scalawags at bay. This is looking promising, but . . . . . this is a one day at a time, one step at a time life I live, and we'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings with it. I'm excited about it, and if you are someone following this journey, I hope you are, too. Maybe it will mean I'll be able to tend to more personal mail finally. I certainly do hope so.

Today, Wednesday, I go back to Dr. Naidu for the biopsy of my mouth. It would be nice to have the results by Friday, but, that is only two days away. I will pull up *P* for patience, and put it into practice. What we are looking for is a very benign reason for the blisters and sores in my mouth for the past few years.

Until then,

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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