Thursday, February 21, 2008

Granddaughters are such FUN!

What a fun day it has been! I started to write about something serious, but my spirits just do not *lean* that way after the company I've kept.

For whatever reason, Christen was unable to go to school today. At times like this she can opt to come down here to stay with her Mammaw and Granddaddy. ** Lovely idea. ** She and I have not had a lot of one-on-one during her lifetime, so whenever it is possible, I dearly love it. What's not to love about those chubby cheeks. *s*

She had been using Granddaddy's laptop, but here she was now standing before me.


Oh, I recognize that soft, sweet voice (she's learning ;). "Can I use your computer to go to MySpace and work on my layout?" (She knows I'm a sucker for that)

"Granddaddy wanting to use his?"

He was.

Give me one good reason I should have given her a "No" answer. I had everything to gain, and nothing to lose except being alone, and I get enough of that every day.

"Sure" just barely escaped my lips, when these long legs came lumbering up, and over me to the other end of the bed. (My bed and couch have placards on them that say, "Stand and walk on me." ;) You believe that don't you?

First thing I did was to show her my new *toy* I got at Best Buy Tuesday, my sleek red mouse. Varoom . . . it looks like a red sports car. Yep. She wanted to use it. Hmmmm. She liked the feel of it, too. It has both of our votes. We went to her MySpace, and looked at pictures with her showing me her friends, and her telling me what they were up to when some of the pictures were taken (some very intuitive girls), her chuckling when relating some of the incidents, or talking about some of the girls. One of the girls in her class died of a a brain tumor recently, and she talked about her. She clearly has a lot of fun with her friends.

After a couple of hours of that she went to redesigning her layout at MySpace. Mercy, mercy me! The hundreds of pages of layouts available! This was ME learning from HER! I knew these things were out there, but not where, nor under what type of heading to do a search. Thanks to sharing my laptop with her, I have them in my History for use sometime in the future in a relaxed, leisurely sort of way, just scrolling through them for ideas.

Interspersed in her, ahem . . . hoopla & hullabaloo at MySpace she showed me a few >things about my iPod Touch. Little by little I'm going to learn to use it, yet. It's primarily a matter of *seeing* ! If I could just *see* everything, that would help a whole lot. With the Touch, it also seems to have a lot to do with technique, as those nimbly, wimbly, little thirteen year old fingers just glided over the reflecting, glazed-looking surface. Whoosh! Whizz!

"I'm going to save for one of these," she says.

"You can do it, Christen, if you want to." And she really seemed to want to. We'll see. Wonder what there will be on the market by the time she saves up for it?

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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