Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ohio bunch

The Ohio Bunch

Under "About Me" I state that I have three great-grandchildren, yet you have only seen one of them here, and that is Ashton Sears. You have seen two granddaughters, and they are Ashley, and Christen. If you do the math, the numbers do not add. Maybe today we can change some of that. I got some up-to-date pictures this week. First granddaughter Jennifer, daughter of my son Jim, is mother to great-grandson Matthew James, and great-granddaughter Kaitlyn Nicole. They live in Ohio. Matthew will be five this July 3rd. Friday, February 8th, Kaitlyn will be the big 2 year old!

Now, let's get down to a picture or two. Some are lost, temporarily I hope, on another computer that I may be able to retrieve. (click on small pictures to see them larger)

There are not as many of Kaitlyn, especially web-ready. She is our "Princess" and I have made a film debut of "The Little Princess Growing Up" beginning when she was four months old, one year old, and the last one is this week, almost the big TWO year old! I get the report that she loves the camera! Just *MY* kind of girl!,

Matthew getting one of his first kisses from his mommy.

New granddaddy, my son, holding his first grandchild

Jennifer's mother, Matthew's grandmother

Now, coming up this week, new pictures!


The zoo animals with Matthew


Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


ORION said...

Your Siamese looks just like my muse!! Lovely photos...I followed you over from manic moms!

ORION said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! my book is both in large print and audio so no worries-
Also a muse is what us writers need to inspire us...for me it's cats LOL

Cindy Breninger said...

Awwwww, what a bunch of cuties! :)
How are you feeling?

ragdoll said...

Thanks Orion. Anna Kay could surely be a muse for me. I told you on your blog that you opened a new world for me, and I truly mean it. A small world, but new. She *talks* to me with those piercing blue eyes that cut straight through from her soul to mine. I do believe she was worth the $2 I paid for her. *s*

Please come again. . . ;)

Ragdoll Billie

ragdoll said...

Thanks Cindy. What would we do without the cell phone with pictures? Jen sends them, then I work them up (sometimes). It is something I *lost* that the IVIg treatments are helping to bring back. Elementary for me, but returning nonetheless. In fact, headed back to the hospital Monday for the next treatment. Hoping for good results from it, too. How are you doing? Worried about you.

Ragdoll Billie