Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Room 306

Good morning, good morning. It was a nice night. No, it was a wonderful night, after a busy day of completing my packing, making the trip to the hospital, getting admitted (they couldn’t find my records again - never can), going through the ER (staying in ER bed until 6:00 p.m.), moving to Admin/Holding, then up to my room at 9:30 p.m. YaY! As I was leaving, one of the nurses ask me if I had been told who my nurse was going to be upstairs; no, they had not. Ernest! Read about him in "I found out one thing," He got my room all set up for me this time, too. I had already unpacked the carpetbags

Evening time. It is hard to believe it. The day has either been a sleepy one or a busy one. Doesn't seem like an in-be-tween one. It has been so good to see everyone. A most welcome sight was Liesl, the nurse practitioner with Dr. Ali. We talked about all that had gone on the past few weeks. Dr. Ali was by here about an hour ago. I told him about Manic Mom's blood drive, and he was all excited about that. He said it was like the souls of more than 1000 people on a journey through my body replacing my immune deficiency helping it to maintain adequate antibodies levels.

IVIg status. The first bag is finished; the second one started about 11:00p.m. It is not going to run the five (5) days that I thought it was going to, rather still the four (4). I have not had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Saeed about that. It is just out of my curiosity as to why he changed his mind. They tell me I have been like that since a little girl. They say that I would ask my paternal grandmother, Nanny, "Why Nanny? Why?" all of the time. "Why" has continued to be a big part of my vocabulary the rest of my life. I've just always been interested in Why and How things worked. Guess that is the reason I keep reading about the IVIg. I keep learning something new each time I have to look up something about it. There should be a Whyfers club.

Vital sign check is over. BP is up due to the IVIg. Headache has started, too. Moderately.

C U later

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis


Manic Mom said...

Ah, tell Dr. Ali very cool!

ragdoll said...

Dr. Ali has kept up with my blogging, and his picture will be on my final page of the blood drive later this evening. I've had such and overwhelming response. I'm going to post it, and then add the other doctor that's willing to get on here with his approval. He wanted to shave before I took a picture of him. I'll just leave a space and edit it when he comes by.

Dr. Ali really and truly believes this has, and will help me more as the immunoglobulin continues to work. It is all because of your contest.

Thanks again for having it.
Ragdoll Billie