Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holding time

Bang, clink, clatter…… Ummmmm,..…..ahhhhhh……. ducking my head in shame, and mortification, after all I am surrounded by sick people in rooms all around me.. Now why didn’t I think to take a picture of the Admin/Holding area! There I was, phone right there in my hand…. Tsk, Tsk…. Falling down on the job, Billie, these days! Joyce turned my way, shocked, startled, at the damage I clearly must have done, to the relatively new building (I believe four years), or *most importantly* what had come to pass to my Kensington mouse – the babe, only a couple months old, and love of my life! After assessing the situation from all angles, preparing for rescue, then with show of strength, she pulled my bed out from the wall, and recovered the infant mouse for continued use. Rescuing computer mice certainly was not something Joyce learned in nurses training, unless they had added to the curriculum since my days there in 1960, but I am sure that meeting the patient’s needs was, and I would say that Joyce met my needs when she rescued my mouse for me. No one can ever imagine the need I have for the relationship for my mouse and me. Even whenever I am not utilizing it, the need to *feel* its smooth, slick, shiny exterior resting in my right hand is there. I’ve mentioned earlier about the Kensington SlimBlade. It is a beautiful deep maroon, glossy finish, sleek, cell phone shaped mouse that I have come to really appreciate. It’s not loaded with a lot of extra bells and whistles, that could go wrong with it, just a nice flat, sleek design, like I say, reminds me of my cell phone./span>

We turned out the lights, and I felt safe in an *if I do, if I don’t fall asleep* is okay mood as I continued on with searching my brain for more words of wisdom and entertainment – both are dubious - until…………….. clamor in the dimness stirring the peace and quiet. Staff heads popped up around the nurses’ station, as I exclaimed, coming from a nice deep sleep, “It’s okay. It was just my mouse.” Ha! Even in my sleep, the first thing on my mind upon awakening was keeping up with my baby Kensington! What is it, last thing in, first thing out? LOL One of the nurses came and picked it up from the floor for me. Were it possible, I’d have tied it to me somewhere. The bed was just so very narrow, though, and hard to keep things from falling off the sides. I tried, I really did try. ;-)

Tuesday, 6:30 a.m. January 15, 2008. The month is half gone already. What do I have to show for it? What do you have to show for it? Think on it. Time just passes so fast, and thinking of one day at a time, day by day, sometimes we let those days pass without accomplishing anything at all….. not necessarily a good thing, huh? With my MG, I try to set goals, knowing that an MG day with an episode might knock a hole in those goals, but I do strive for more than just lying around. But, back to the reality of this day……..

What kind of day is this? Playing the waiting game. Waiting for someone from the third floor to go home so I can go and take their place. knowing there is likely not going to be a chance of my going anywhere today. I settle in to make myself comfy for another day in the Admin/Holding area. Not at all a bad place to be. Nice, one on one service here.

It got noisy, noisy, noisy here early in the evening. People moving all about. I found out they had gotten rooms! Whoopee, good for them, because you know what that means! I am high, now, on the list of hopefuls, but since I’d already been told there was not much of a chance of my going anywhere that night, doubt crept in like sneaky snake. Therefore, when Joyce stuck her head in through the curtain, BIG smile on her face, and said, “You’ve got a room! 322!” “Really?” Now, Billie. Why would Joyce tell you that if it were not true? How many times do we say things like that?

[OLD STORY] I grew up with one sister, and knew nothing at all about raising boys, so I had a lot to learn when my first baby was a boy, and we were in Izmir, Turkey. Then I had a second boy. I loved my boys, but I still wanted a girl to end up the picture. Third pregnancy. I *did not* consciously express a desire of one gender over the other by this time because it truly did not matter. I had learned about little boys, and loved my two immensely. So it was that I went into labor. No one little girl thing on the premise.

I have short, easy labors, and the doctor and I were cutting up, telling jokes as I lie there having contractions, pushing, doing whatever they told me to do, and then with the final Big Push, and Dr. Bondi, saying, “You’ve got a girl!” Know what I said to this doctor, a real doctor (he didn’t play one on TV), a professional (he wouldn’t lie to me), “Are you SURE? You’re not joking with me are you?” We had been cutting up to the point that part of reality has slipped away in the process! And, no, I was not speaking through any drugs, because I had not had any of any kind. I’m just crazy as a betsy bug as they used to say back in the 40s and 50s in my neck of the woods. Anyone know what a betsy bug is? [/OLD STORY]

Joyce had talked to Ernest; they were getting three new patients, and it was past 10:00 p.m. when my train left for the third floor, 322!

See you there!


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