Monday, December 31, 2007

Beginning the end

I guess there will be all kinds of fancy blogs today ending this year, beginning the new one, 2008. In a way, this day didn't really begin until about 12:00 noon. Yes, Jim, got my breakfast, and my medicine. Ate the oatmeal, but the pills are still waiting. It seems to be easier if I get my throat limbered up before starting to swallowing all those pills. The nurses in the hospital are always amazed at so many of them. THEY are amazed? They should try to swallow them with throat muscles that want to pick and choose when then want to work, and not very good even then. There, for a while when we started the IVIg treatments, the throat muscles didn't want to work at all. Just a sip here, a sip there. The speech therapist, and dietitian worked with me during the first hospitalization to get me to swallowing and breathing.

Woke with a bad head and neck ache, plus the feet were bothered more than usual with the neuropathy. They are not usually noticeable Therefore, I've been sitting here in bed, mostly dozing off in-between the phone ringing and waking me, then dropping off again because the head hurt too bad to try to stay away. Ashley and Christen, the granddaughters, called about noon, and wanted to know if we want to treat for lunch (crazy question to ask of grandparents, huh?). Jim said to tell them "Yes," and he would get us something, too. Finally took the Percocet while he was gone, and now, at 3:00 pm, the head seems quieter as long as I do not turn my head in any direction. Much more, and I'll have to go the lollipop route, but I really do try to stay away from them.

Finally made a decision. Took 0.5 mg of xanax before trying anything else. That often helps the muscles to relax. It is just so hard to tell where the pain(s) come from and to treat them appropriately. I need to take enough, yet not too much. It is comfy sitting cross-wise my bed, leaning with my back against the wall. Doesn't really feel like I am in bed that way, yet I really am in bed. LOL Crazy, crazy. That is how I feel today. Wanted the girls to come back here after getting food. Christen's having a New Year's Eve party tonight, and they are cleaning house for it.

It is hard to type and spell today, so anything is up for grabs. Overlook anything you find. No prizes, though. ;-) This is becoming easier to sit down here and just write. Not real comfortable with it yet, but it is coming along.

Well, I'm going to try to put a picture of Ashton, the newest great-grandson in now, so this is the end, one way or the other. I've got to go and figure out more about how to use this blogger.

hehehehe Ashton's coming down!

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