Sunday, December 16, 2007

Off to the hospital we go

Will I ever stop being the eternal optimist? Why do I always think things will go okay, smoothly regardless of how they have been previously?

The day began so well. Only had minimal packing to do to be ready to go. Surprise! Surprise! We were on the road a little after 9:00..... Earliest blast off time ever, and not a cross word between. Still feeling uptight, and nervous.

Blytheville to Memphis, St. Francis Hospital, Bartlett, with a swing through McDonald’s for an Egg ‘n Cheese McGriddle. I was still hungry after my breakfast of cream of wheat, and knew it would be a while before being able to get something to eat. Nervous hunger?

We got to the hospital about 11:15. Gave my chair its full 6 mph to get in out of the snippity, snappity wind. Ohhhh. The cold hurts so badly. Have to get out the winter protectants (new word?) when I get back home. I always wondered why, in the movies, people in wheel chairs had blankets over their laps. Shoot! Your legs and knees get cold! Very cold! Then I have to wrap up my neck and face as much as I can, especially the nose. Then go Brrrrrrr all the way. LOL

Anyway, we strolled into the ER to check in, and got no surprises. “Oh,, where oh, where have my doctor’s orders’ gone, Oh, where of where can they be? They were faxed over here, the day before, Oh, where, oh, where could they be?” Okay, that’s enough. Again. What do they do with the orders when the office faxes them over. Invariably they are found, however, this time Dr. Saeed’s office had to fax them over here again. After signing all the papers, Jim came back to tell me they were going to admit me to the ER holding room until there was a available for me. Lovely. Again. They want me here, but have no room for me. They are nice in there, it is just a big pain in the neck (pun intended ;) to feel manipulated by them. This means getting started earlier, which is what I wanted anyway.

After getting to my cell, uh, holding cell, in the ER, Jim goes to get my stuff to bring in so I can change into my jimmies. Then giving his approval to my new ones, he takes off to eat at TGI Fridays, then on home to our babies, Callie, Missie, Anna Kay, and Precious whom I will miss immensely. They are our four cats who do not know they are cats.

I’ve been dumped, and am in bed with my laptop so this seems a good place to stop for now. Stick with me one doing this. It is a learning system for me, and I don’t know what to say and what not to say. Much happens quickly, and I *do* fall asleep often while I’m typing, and lag behind my schedule. Helpful suggestions are welcomed. On my “Life Goes On, One Step at a Time…” thought, this is a part of it….. starting this blog is just another new step I am undertaking, and I associate myself with others who are experienced and on the ball.

Striving for a World Withouth Myasthenis Gravis


Cindy Breninger said...

HI Billie! How are you? I know a lot of people on the diabetes page are thinking about ya! Hope you are feeling better. :)

ragdoll said...

Hiya Cindy. Got the treatment over, and got home Tuesday night, right on the three day schedule. Bad part is, to feel better I will have to keep going every four weeks for 3 or 4 days which is subject to change any time. This is the nature of this beast Myasthenia Gravis (MG) for improvement/remission that I am wanting to show here on this blog. *Really* for remission!! I "went" and "came" more quickly this time, and am still tired from the travel and treatment.

See ya round
Billie aka Ragdoll