Monday, December 24, 2007

Hippity Hop

Now you are getting a taste of what it is going to be like, trying to do a blog encumbered with, and strolling along with MG.

I'm a very organized, methodical person, and MG with its medications leads the very best laid plans of we mice and (wo)men astray. Having to move every few years with the Air Force had much to do with my development, because I was not this way before then..... noooo, not messy me....ummm...... I've got to think about that some more because that is causing me to recall things about myself that I had forgotten. [Note to self: Take time to think about if I was organized and methodical before I married and left home.] There is a way to do it, though, and I'll find that way eventually. Mercy! If this had been the biggest problem I ever embraced, how wonderfully easy this life would have been!

Anyway.......... I have a LOT of trouble keeping a thought going, staying on tract, even broadly. English was my strong suit and now I cannot even remember words, much less how to spell them, and grammar often slips out the back door nowadays. There is no use denying it. I will have to be right out front and honest about my swings. When I cannot remember, I will have to say so. When my body fails to work, I have to say so. Many a-time we have had to cancel doctor appointments (all are two hours away) as I would be in the process of dressing because just that much activity and/or stress would bring on the MG symptoms, and I'd be weak as a ragdoll, and flat in bed. Trust me. We'll get all this ironed out. Right now we've got the holidays upon us, I am post IVIg with bad side effects. The road is just a bit bumpy right now, just as I warned it would. I have a great partner who is with me for the long haul, remission or not. We've been together for 45 years.

Here we were, keeping tract of the IVIg in the hospital, and the next thing you know I am at home and what? Simplify. It may take me a while to learn that. WOW!!! Wonder if I had learned that a long time ago. Simplify things. Then you think about the things that would not have been learned by being such a stickler for details. Well, we'll see if we cannot combine the two maybe. I'll sure try..... that's for sure!

I got sprung from the hospital a little sooner than expected. That's not so bad. Made us have to make a few changes that day..... hmmmm..... what day was that..... oh, Tuesday. OH, yes, Tuesday! The day we put our son through the wringer! Helped him put 600 miles not only on his truck, but his body as well.

Jim had an out-patient procedure, and son Jim drove from Senatobia, MS, to Blytheville, AR, to get him, take him to Memphis for the procedure, then they came to the hospital where I was........ son Jim left Jim at the hospital with me for us to get me packed while he drove back to Blytheville to get the expedition to bring it back to Memphis to carry the two of us home (we need it to carry the wheel chair), and t - h - e - n drive his own truck home to Senatobia...... f i n a l l y ! ! !

The post IVIg time here at home has been equal to the time I've usually spent in the hospital, especially to include the headaches. The headaches. When they started, I described them to the doctors as a bomb going off on the left side of my head just above my ear, encompassing an area about the size of my hand, grasping my head, and my eyes going as wide as possible. The first one came at 3:00 a.m. out of a sound sleep, and led to requiring IV pain medication. They were bad. All of a sudden one would come from no where, any where. These are side effects of the IVIg.

So, this time I get to go through that experience here at home, only, true to form, they have been different. They feel like missiles exploding out through my head. It is the most excruciating pain I have experienced, and - bless my pain doctor's sweet heart - lollipops are on hand to counter the attack. I have had my blog ideas and plans, but have had a mite hard time staying awake to get my thoughts written and posted. But...... this is this is just the way it is in my world. Those sound like some sleepy-time thoughts for another time.

Right now, it is Christmas Eve. Time to turn thoughts towards Christmas. See you later.


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