Saturday, December 29, 2007

Generally speaking again . . . .

. . . . I am right about my dropping off to sleep while typing interfering with my blogging. Less than an hour ago I was proofing the "Generally speaking" post, then I opened my eyes......... I have not words at this moment to describe how I felt inside. On my laptop monitor it so happily displayed "You have posted successfully" ! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I wasn't finished proofing for errors, spelling, grammar, train of thought, etc And *I* am the one who *NEEDS* to proof! Oh, boy, is this blogging ever humbling me. hahahaha Love it, though, and it's going to get better, smoother. I've got to figure out today about the side bar, and other stuff. Got the Dummies book, and that helped me greatly. Going to see what he says about the Side bar today; also, what about signing up for new page.

You say Blog, Blogger, whatever it is called (Blogger, I think, since it is, has all you need right here. Nice. I do not do my Web searching, learning as good as I used to do. It is the equivalent to Real Life shopping, and unless under the best of circumstances, that is rruuuuuuuuff on me, with RL shopping being the lesser of the two. Jim can take Ashley and me over to Turtle Creek Mall in Jonesboro, and I am only fairly affected the next day; just minimal napping to rest up from it. At least this has been our recent experience since *juicing* up with the IVIgs. But put me under the pressure of seriously shopping or researching, or visiting with people (stress I guess), and I am out for at least two days after wards.

I know one of these days I'm going to look back on these and laugh (at least I hope I do get that much better, and you probably to, too ;-). Oh, gosh, I took the words right out of your mouth, you say? Well, one reason I should expect much better from me is that I've been on the computer, programming, and doing my own, and a bit of others tech work since 1985. I've also taught a bit of software. You might could consider me a nerd. No. No *might* to it. I am a nerd. Or, at least I was until drugs and disease messed with my mind. Today was a first though...... my computer took over completely and posted a blog in my absence! Well, maybe that is not such a bad thing nowadays. Maybe it can do a better job! This Prednisone, and at least Myasthenia Gravis in addition to some of the other diseases I mentioned in the runaway blog have changed my mind these past few years. I hate it! Oops! Not supposed to hate are we? Whatever the appropriate word, that is it for despising MG immensely. I has changed me, made me into a different person. It's awful when you look into the mirror, and do not recognize the person you see.

Anger. Do you detect some anger? I do, so it is time to stop here, and channel it into something useful. What might that be? It is 7:40 a.m., and Jim is not up yet, so I have some time to get started checking out the Dummies book, and *maybe* about more stuff on the web, about blogging. Yesterday I woke feeling great. Had no pain med until late in the morning. Today...... opened my eyes to a headache, *but* not a screaming one, and that is something for which to be thankful. Means the side effects are slacking off some. I asked Jim last night when the next hospitalization was due. He told me. I have forgotten already. I need to add some software today, and hope my mind is feeling up to it. The headaches do not like do to that kind of computer work, but I *LOVE* it!! The doctors want me to do a sleep study to see if they can find out what exactly is making me sleep like this. As if I don't have enough going on already! But, maybe if I could stay awake, I could get more quality of life than this of confined to bed, and not accomplishing anything because I fall asleep and my computer takes over. Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know if yous have.

So, now I will go and proof this, and put my name to it. No sig, *I* didn't post this!!! Are you supposed to do that like you in emails? Guess I need to keep searching and reading. Wish I knew where to go for blogging etiquette.

Okay, that's it now.



Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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