Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doctors and Hospitals Rule

Finally got that first one posted! How exciting! I think I learned a thing or two so that it will not be that difficult from now on. Now on to this morning's news.

This is the world of the living at the whim of doctors and hospitals and with chronic diseases.

We just received a call from the neurologist's office, telling us that I am to go to the hospital tomorrow morning, Friday, to begin my IVIg treatment. *IF* all goes well, I should be back home by mid-week.

There will be four infusion bags spread over four days. It is the side effects that we wrestle with, and this time we plan to try administering it differently. In addition to the four days (it has been three days previously), we plan to slow the drip to 40 cc/hr whereas the last time I could not take it the least bit higher than 50 cc/hr when my head would begin to feel like a cannon going off inside of it. Once they start, it takes at least a couple of weeks before they subside.

It seems harder for me to get about to finish getting ready to go. It is not a nervous feeling I have, but I am not comfortable either. There for so long I was running back and forth so frequently I didn't have time to get settled in at home. Now I've been here for two months, and I do not want to leave, yet I am so anxious to get the treatment going. I will feel SO much better afterwards I will get all perked up when I get back to my floor at the hospital, too. They are really a swell bunch of nursing staff.

I take my laptop to the hospital with me, and will be writing and posting from there. How much my meds keep me knocked out will determine how much I get to write. I am also working on a page at CaringBridge in conjunction with the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on with that since I finally figured things out here.

That's it! I have put it off as long as I can. I am just rambling now to keep myself from having to get started on completing my packing.

'Ragdoll' Billie


Cindy Breninger said...

Good luck girlie-girl! Please keep me updated on how you are doing. Hospitals are not the most exciting place, so I will post a blog and see if people can send you a note to say hi and get well! :)

Cindy Breninger said...

You are the star of my blog today! :)

ragdoll said...

Thanks Cindy. Between getting psyched up to go, and nervous about each new step with this blogging, a slight headache has slithered in. Wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing with the emails I got about publishing your comments. Think I did, though, didn't I? You be sure and let me know if I do something wrong, and for SURE let me know when I do something right! LOL!! I think I'm really going to like this the smoother and easier it gets. I like the way people know each other. There are some I *seem* to know just from reading their blogs fairly regularly. Remember YOU are the one that made me finally make up my mind to start doing this after your presence on asd.

Striving for a World Withouth Myasthenis Gravis

Grilled Pizza said...

Popped over from Cindy's. I hope all goes well for you and we can look forward to many more blog posts! x

jrp said...


Good Luck with the treatment. A positive mental attitude can make all the difference and the hospital staff can be a big help with that. Glad to hear they are a good bunch. Hope you are feeling better real soon.


Cindy Breninger said...

Hey girl, how are you doing? I hope it isn't too bad. :) Oh, check the diabetes page and there is a heading with your name...go check it out! :)

ragdoll said...

5:00 am Sunday morning.... they just woke me to draw some blood, so this is a good time to check in with you all. I've been working on my next post, but keep falling asleep just as i thought I might. Grilled cheese you just pop over every where I notice. You seem every where; a good friend to have. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks for the words of encouragement jrp. I got lots of hugs when I showed up on the floor the other night. Been trying to work on my next post, but keep falling asleep. I'm on a second bad, but I don't think the first one was a full day's worth. Haven't had a chance to ask anyone yet. Only my diabetic doctor has my been by so far. Oh, and my neuro doctor's weekend fill-in who I have trouble under standing. I just call him Dr. Henry.

Cindy, I've not figured out how to get this dial-up account to work to work with asd. While I'm still working on it, you can post a note to whatever it was you saw, that's ok. My vision is improved, but that is the only difference I've noticed so far. Got a post about ready to post, and as it is early in the a.m. I'll work on it right away. Maybe go over to Google to read asd. Don't like to read there, but when push comes to shove, guess it will do in a pinch, huh? Woke up hungry so nubbling on some cinnamon grahams after I checked my bg! I'm a bit low so they will be okay. See how often you need to check that sugar? It a pain girl, but necessary.

Thanks for coming by girls. I really do appreciate it, and having someone to talk to up here in this lonesome hideaway, all tethered to this IV pole. LOL It only talks to me when it thinks it's in trouble. LOL Looking forward to meeting others!!

Billie aka Ragdoll
Striving for a World Withouth Myasthenis Gravis