Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christen, Odessy of the Mind, and Update

You never know when they are little like this just what all they will do or be. We all have our dreams and aspirations for them. The last thing Christen wanted this day was to have her picture made, and she let all of us know it. That was the beginning. The beginning of making her way through this world, reaching out for a myriad of interests, all of which she has excelled.

She is an avid softball player
loving her sport even when it *bites* her in the mouth
(coming to me "Mammaw, take a picture.")
Add a dash and tumble of cheerleading

Christen excels scholastically earning her way to the
Odyssey of the Mind 2009 World Finals
May 27 - May 30
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Trophy time

Among all those Christen calls "Best Friends"
included is her mom Debbie
and Dad Jeff

Congratulations Christen!
Go team Gosnell!

*MY* Myasthenia is my major problem I am facing right now, though I still do have the infections, and bleeding. The ocular myasthenia bothers me more now than it has in a long time, shutting down the right eye almost completely, with double and blurred vision in it, too. I have needed to wear a patch over it almost all of the time. The right eye is also impaired, and it could be worse due to the extra work put on that eyelid since it is having to do all of the work. Manually lifting that lid is not giving me the clear vision that I usually get. I was due an IVIG April 6th, but that is when I was I began my 30 day hospitalization, getting out at the time I was due what would have been the second one. After coming here to the nursing home, I was to find out that Medicare is not wanting to fund my IVIG now. What? Yes. They are wanting information from Dr. Saeed involving a test performed concerning my diagnosis. Dr. Saeed was not the one who diagnosed me, rather Dr. Constance Smith, my opthalmologist. There are good tests backing up the diagnosis. The test they are looking for was done in Dr. Latiff's office, by Dr. Saeed. Think they will ever get it all straight? For *my* sake, so I can get back on schedule, I sure hope they can. Maybe it is just a normal thing they do, like they checked my disabililty for a few years. We can show them a much worse myasthenic now than when I was diagnosed back in '06. Oh, why do things have to be so complicated? I guess it is because of people who abuse the system, of which there probably are plenty. I guess.

Well, if you are family or friend of Christen, be sure and wish her well as she heads for competition Labor Day weekend. Me? I *love* getting cards!
They are lining up alongside my bed awaiting some double sided tape to put them elsewhere on my wall. I have a wall in addition to the one on Facebook!

Till later.....

Edited 5/20/09

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