Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a day this has been!

Oh My Goodness! People here, people there, people everywhere, and even pictures of people yonder there afar. Sit back while I tell you of this most unusal, fun, and exciting day for me, even if it did begin with a blood sugar reading of 50. Breakfast took care of that. I talked to Jakie about taking a shower. The last shower I took was at the Mariot where I fell, resulting in a broken back, so a shower is a bit daunting to me. I've thought about it, and I think I'm going to tell her tomorrow (Friday) that I *do* want to take one. It has been so long since I have felt running water over my body.

Jim got up here around my lunch time which is later because I am eating in my room now. I got over enthusiastic, over-did it, and brought on some myasthenia stuff. Soooo, I've been back in my room, in bed trying to reach the level where I was before I got sick April 5th.....if I ever do. I'm beginning to wonder, though.

He brought my printer and some pictures. We were sitting here talking when he got a phone call, and was soon giving directions here. I was fairly certain who it was he was talking to. . . I was right. Aunt Carolyn. It was not long until she and Uncle John were here, he so quietly slipping in, she, well.....she quite slipped into my room (not sure if that is grammatically correct or not, but I'll try to slip it by ;-)

Oh, what a nice, wonderful visit we had! I enjoyed it sooo very much. I sat up throughout their visit. After they left, Jim ran the errand to Wal-Mart, and in addition to the paper, I had him pick me up a box of note cards because on Wednesday I got the best mail ever from my BEST SISTER-IN-LAW and I need to write her back, one shaky pen to another. It's a shame we both have these pens that we found that makes our handwriting so shaky. Wish we could find some smoothies.

After he got back we set up some things, and went through my clothes; he took some back to take to the cleaners, others I'll get washed here. He went on back home then so it wouldn't be so late, and he wouldn't be so tired.

It was not long after that before I heard a tap-tap-tap at my door and this head so hestaintingly peered around the corner, and said, "I'm Tolice." Yes, I could tell right away. How good it was to see her after all these years gone by. . . not since 1960 when I graduated from high school. A hug, and then down to business . . . talk, talk, talk! And did we ever! We unearthed more relationships that we never knew about. She had lived next door to Aunt Margaret before she moved to Highland (Nan Barrett lived on the other side of Aunt Margaret), and was sorry she had missed Aunt Carolyn while she was here earlier. (can you believe so many people in just one afternoon. . . unheard of, I tell you!). Anyway, our talk also ran into GAs, and what an important part it had played in our lives. She had talked to Virginia Steinbeck a day or two before, and they were talking about our GA days. Tolice and I shared more than just relationships, but some personal thoughys and feelings that endears us and promises us more time and talk together as the days pass on. We are really loking forward to more time together, both of us excited, and feel that God is working, and doing something. What? I do not know. He "works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform" and it is not ours to ask or reason why but to follow.

Tolice and I talked about the *why* of my multiple illness over the span of my lifetime, and I shared with her my seeking back in 1971 when my rheumatoid arthritis was so bad, and God gave me the answer one day when I was out in the sunroom of our apartment in Ankara (I only make mention of where I was to note how vivid my memory is of it). My answer was 2 Corinthians 1:1-5. I was to live my life for others to see what God had done for me, and He could do for them. I was to be a witness of His comfort and peace He could bring. My goodness. Never ever could I have imagined I would go through the trials that were before me, losing Robert being the ultimate one, and one which I wrestle with still today, 25 years later.
My supper came while Tolice was here. . . a bologna sandwich. Only Jim can appreciate this. It is about (not totally) the only food I cannot knowingly eat. When I was in the second grade, at Beech Crest School, I got sick after eating a bologna sandwich, and I've had a *thing* about it all these years since (and THAT has been a very long time!). So what did I do for supper? There were quite (there's that word again, and used more properly) a few slices of tomato (ohhhh 'licious), the two slices of bread, a packet of mustard, and some sauerkraut. That made a very good sandwich (not diabetic friendly with the bread, but not as bad as some meals are for carbs.

My rectal bleeding was a little bit more tonight. *I* think from the sitting up on my bed this afternoon, but *that* is just *my* opinion. No one has talked to me about it yet. I'm not sure about my UTI. My CNA and I saw blood in my tubing. My nurse commented that I felt *warm* though my official temp did not indicate a fever. I am wheezing, and have more congestion.

Guess that's about it. Ragdoll and other graphics are on my other (say "old" and "Dell" and "crashing") computer. I have not completed getting files moved over to this new one, a small, four pounder, 1.4" thick HP with backlit keyboard making it easier for me to see. ;-) Another post is coming up with pictures I also got during my *special* afternoon.

Till later

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